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Captain Thomas Snook is the former Chief Trial Judge of the Coast Guard and a retired United States Administrative Law Judge. He is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator. He specializes in Admiralty Law, Boating Accident, Construction, Disability Insurance, Environmental, Hurricane Claims, International, Maritime, Medical Malpractice, and Toxic Tort.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • John Distin

    Jan 16 2019 Tom Snook and I were classmates at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. We were in the same legal offices for years and renovated a house in Washington, DC together. He has the highest moral and ethical standards of anyone. He is bright, hardworking, practical, and persistent. He never gives up until the full job is done well. I would trust him with any matter, personal or professional.
  • Gilbert Teal

    Jan 16 2019 I have known Judge Snook since 1989 when he was serving as Chief Trial Judge of the U.S. Coast Guard. Since that time my respect for him as a lawyer, Judge and mentor has only grown. One of the very best legal minds I have worked with.
  • David Hatfield

    Jan 16 2019 I was a colleague of Tom's at the Social Security Administration. Tom is smart and has sharp legal skills. He is also very personable and will make a great mediator.
  • J. L.

    Jan 14 2019 Tom Snook has integrity. He listens to all parties and sides of an issue before making a decision. He does not make snap judgments

    Jan 14 2019 I worked with Judge Snook on a number of difficult issues and he could find a good resolution which everyone could endorse. He was fair to all.
  • Allan Kelley

    Jan 14 2019 His experience in administrative, civil and judicial positions make him uniquely qualified to serve as a mediator or arbitrator.
  • Larry J. Butler

    Jan 14 2019 As a fellow federal Administrative Law Judge, I have known Judge Snook for 20-years: intelligent, committed, ethical and hardworking.
  • Edgar J. Perkerson

    Jan 14 2019 I am a retired lawyer and federal Administrative Law Judge. I served as an ALJ with Judge Snook for approximately twelve years, although not in the same office. We had contact with each other regarding several individual cases and, more frequently, regarding changes in the administrative rules which we applied in our cases and regarding our decision making requirements.
  • Pat McLaughlin

    Jan 03 2019 Wonderful judge and problem solver. Cuts to chase quickly. Inciteful, intelligent and hardworking.
  • David Hatfield

    Jan 16 2019
  • kevin dugan

    Jan 15 2019 I worked with Judge Snook on a number of difficult issues. He often could find a resolution which satisfied the interests of all parties. You could rely on him making sure everyone was heard, and that all understood the varying interests which had to be reconciled.
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