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If you are in need of qualtity legal service from a dedicated criminal lawyer Attorney Timothy J. Goulden can help you.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jan 08 2018 Tim is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Adam Gauthier

    Nov 09 2017 Mr. Robert Johnson III is a highly skilled and experienced attorney that provided me with expert legal counsel. As a military veteran, Mr. Johnson is very respectful and accommodating to service members. Mr. Johnson took the time to thoroughly understand my case and supported me through an extremely stressful and challenging time in my life. Mr. Johnson has the experience in handling situations like mine and was able to drive my case to a successful conclusion. I highly recommend Mr. Johnson, he is a subject matter expert in criminal law and is extremely professional, responsive, and understanding.
  • Anthony Covey

    Oct 26 2017 By far one of the best attorneys I've dealt with. Tim is a straight shooter, he's funny and he takes your case seriously. I couldn't thank him enough for helping my son with his case.
  • Mark Duggan

    Oct 09 2017 Tim is a greay Attorney. Effective Ethical and on point. Very attentive to your every need. 5 Star
  • Carl Branco

    Jun 30 2017 After being wrongfully charged for a serious felony crime that could of sent me to jail for years by the Nashua PD for a crime I did not commit, I started my search for a competent attorney to defend me. My search for effective representation led me to initially hire two local attorneys; these attorneys did not work out because they provided me with ineffective representation and I felt as if they did care about me, for them it was just business as usual; this mistake caused me tens of thousands of dollars in wasted money. It wasn’t until I hired Timothy Goulden and Robert Johnson III from Nashua, NH that things started looking up. I can honestly say that Tim and Bob really cared about me and the difficult situation I was in. Tim and Bob were very accessible; I felt as if they took a serious personal interest in winning my case. They answered all my questions, listened to all the concerns I had involving the case; believe me, I had lots of questions. They were also very accessible, I could always reach them by phone to discuss anything that was going through my mind. But the most important thing about Tim and Bob is that they actually listed to me and what I wanted to do involving my case; they gave me their advice, but often said that I was the one in charge, and that they would do what I wanted rather than just trying to convince me of something that they wanted just to make things easier for themselves. Not wanting to accept any guilty plea, no matter how small the admission; together we came up with a winning strategy to fight the foolish and misguided (I'm being kind) County Attorney’s Office no matter what it took. In conclusion to my case, we gave them one hell of a fight; in the end the District Attorney's Office dropped all charges against me and my arrest record for the felony charge was fully expunged (erased from my record). I cannot say enough good things about Tim and Bob; not only as very effective defense attorneys, but as good and decent individuals who actually care about the people they are hired to defend. Don’t make the same mistake I did initially by hiring some ineffective lawyer who just wants to take your money and plea to make it easier for them. Hire Timothy Goulden and Robert Johnson, III to begin with; they will fight for you, and save yourself the headache and money. Thanks Tim and Bob for a job well done. Carl Branco
  • Erin Sullivan

    Apr 27 2017 Robert Johnson handled my case and I was very pleased with the results. He always returned my calls or texts very promptly. He was very direct and upfront on how he felt the case would go and the best way of handling it. I will definitely call Robert again should I need his assistance. I highly recommend Robert to others, he has a great personal touch that made the whole process easy and relatively stress free.
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