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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, IRS Problems, Rebuilding Your Credit, Student Loan Issues
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Cassandra Dallas

    Sep 18 2020 Very happy with my results
  • Alex L.

    May 28 2020 Great experience, made the process simple and easy to follow. Very professional staff and responds very quickly. Would definitely recommend them to anyone needing help. Life changer!
    • Thomas Black

      May 28 2020Thanks very much for the kind words and the great review. It's very humbling to have us referred to as a life-changer. We are glad we could help!

    May 21 2020 My interactions with you and your staff was very professional. We did have a snafus but you worked to resolve it.
    • Thomas Black

      May 21 2020Thanks for the kind words and the honest review. If there is a snafu, we definitely will work to resolve it for our clients.
  • HPC

    May 11 2020 Positive experiences with the firm. No negative experiences.
    • Thomas Black

      May 11 2020Thanks for your kind words. We only want our clients to have positive experiences with us, not negative experiences.
  • Verna Bearden Long

    May 09 2020 My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was done very professional and the outcome was is highly appreciated and all of your staff are wonderful
    • Thomas Black

      May 11 2020Thanks very much for your kind words and your fine review. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a huge relief to people struggling with overwhelming debt.
  • AR

    May 09 2020 They guided me through this embarrassing time with ease. My questions were answered and I was represented in a most professional way.
    • Thomas Black

      May 11 2020Thank you for this excellent review and your kind words. We were happy to help you, and we wish you the best of luck in the future.
  • Annette Nino

    May 09 2020 Handled the case very well and was able to get this done very quickly.
    • Thomas Black

      May 11 2020Thanks very much for your kind words. We strive to handle our clients' cases very well and get their cases done quickly.
  • Eva

    Apr 28 2020 I’m so happy you and your staff helped me with my ch 13. When I needed y’all you were there to help me in whatever I needed , Thank you
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 28 2020Thanks so much for your kind words. We try to be there for our clients to help them in whatever they need.
  • Andre Perry

    Apr 22 2020 Good firm, could invest in following up with clients, have a hard time getting access top my attorney at times
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 22 2020Thanks for your four-star review Mr. Perry. You can reach me anytime at [email protected] If you want to visit on the phone, call the office and set up a telephone appointment with me. Stay safe!
  • mark thacker

    Apr 21 2020 Mr. Black helped me out of a gigantic problem! He was fair with me and didn't sugar coat anything. the process took longer then we all wanted, but in end he got the job done! that was 5 years ago and he still answers my emails and take care of my questions regarding my case. I so happy I choose him, I would encourage anyone in financial hardship to talk to Mr. Black ASAP!
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 22 2020Thanks very much for your kind words and the glowing review.
  • Eugene Thompson Jr

    Apr 16 2020 Thus far our experience has been that of professionalism and knowledge. Staff is a joy to work with, we still have a ways to go but look forward on continuing our journey with JT Black.
  • AVAS

    Apr 16 2020 J Thomas Black & Associates have been a great legal team to assist with our case. They are very responsive, attentive to our needs and have provided great support through the process. Communication and updates have been above expectations. Thank you.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 16 2020Many thanks for your very fine words and encouragement. We work hard to be responsive, be attentive to our clients' needs and also to provide great support to our clients through the process. Clients in this position don't need any additional stress!
  • H. D. Hoyle

    Apr 15 2020 The professionalism and integrity of Mr. Black and his staff have always been the cornerstone of his office; they provide options, advice and best resolution for your particular situation.
  • Imogene Lee

    Apr 15 2020 They are the best I felt very comfortable and they made me feel very comfortable and taken care of everything I needed anytime I needed to call they were there for me it was just like family helping family in need and I would certainly certainly recommend them to anyone that need help
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 15 2020Thank you so very much for the kind words. We will continue to strive to earn your trust!
  • Gerald Miller

    Apr 15 2020 Answered all questions. Helped me with my situation. Kept me informed during this process. Yes I would recommend to others.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 15 2020We are very glad to hear that we helped. Thanks very much for the excellent review.
  • A

    Apr 15 2020 I’ve always had a good experience as a client of Thomas Black.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 15 2020That's very good to hear! Thanks for the kind words.
  • Tracey L Doyle

    Apr 12 2020 I was scared at first to even think about filing for Bankruptcy. I thought it was the end of my world. All of the Staff at the Office was Awesome. If I had a question about anything, if they did not know the answer they would find out the answer and call me right back. It was an scary experience when I first filed, but now since I have got it done, a weight of stressing are gone. If I had to do it again, I would. Yes, I would recommend New Customers to you. Thanks Again to Attorney J. Thomas Black & Entire Staff of the Law Office.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 13 2020Thank you very much for your kind words and your glowing review. We always try to take the scariness out of it and take the stress off. Thanks again.
  • Charles Hamilton

    Apr 11 2020 Relaxing, assuring and compassionate. Total trust!!
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 12 2020We are very happy that you feel that way about our services. Thank you.
  • Curlie Jackson

    Apr 11 2020 Very helpful & would recommend to others.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 12 2020Thanks very much for your kind words and fine review.
  • Carolyn Johnson

    Apr 11 2020 Always exceptional customer service and an awesome legal firm.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 11 2020Thanks very much for the kind words! We try our best to provide exceptional service to our clients.
  • Thomas

    Apr 09 2020 The entire staff is amazing... they treat us with respect and answer any question we may have, no matter how small. They have made us feel important and that we made the right choice.
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 09 2020Thanks very much for this review. We strive to treat all of our clients with respect and answer all of their questions.
  • Alvaro Escobar

    Apr 09 2020 Its been amazing. Everyone is so friendly and caring. I definitely recommend anyone. Thank you so much for everything!!
    • Thomas Black

      Apr 09 2020Thanks very much for the kind words. We really do care about our clients.
  • AN

    Mar 26 2020 Incredible team at this firm!!
  • Donald Spretz

    Mar 18 2020 Could not be more pleased with the experience my wife and I have had with Tom Black and his staff. He knows what he is doing. He and his staff have always treated us with the utmost respect. I would recommend him to anyone!
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 18 2020Thanks very much for the kind words. We always strive to treat our clients with the utmost respect.
  • Paulette N Boxie

    Mar 18 2020 Excellent service. Entire office was efficient, everyone was so experienced and welcoming. Could not have chosen a more experienced attorney. Very pleased and highly recommendec.
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 18 2020Thanks very much for your kind words. We strive to provide excellent and efficient service to our clients.
  • A Vasquez

    Mar 17 2020 Great experience, professionalism and compassionate to our needs.
  • Alfredo Vasquez Jr

    Mar 17 2020 Great service and great professionalism with compassion and understanding.
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 17 2020Thanks so much for your encouraging words, we work hard for our clients. I'll pass it along to our staff. You will make their day!
  • pr

    Mar 17 2020 extremely accommodating every step of the process
  • PR

    Mar 17 2020 extremely accommodating every step of the process
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 17 2020We do our best to be accommodating to our clients. Thanks.
  • Gwen Stallworth Sumrall

    Mar 16 2020 J Thomas Black and staff are very professional and put their clients best interest first. I do not have to second guess their judgement because they follow through with their actions. My success in getting financial healthy comes from them making sure I have the knowledge and tools to suceed. I sincerely thank them for all the support and encouragement.
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 17 2020Thanks for your kind words. We appreciate it.
  • Charles A Chuisano

    Mar 12 2020 Excellent
    • Thomas Black

      Mar 17 2020Thanks, we want to hear that we did an excellent job. I'll pass it along to the staff!
  • A Li

    Dec 16 2019 So far the experience has been very good. Our case is complex as well as unfair with regard to creditors. However, the attorneys, paralegal and office staff respond quickly, listen and are very careful with what they say and the tone they use to say it in.
  • Debra E

    Apr 04 2019 I could not think of a better team to represent me if I ever find myself in need of such services again. The whole team worked in unity,, they showed me respect as well as empathy. Their professional approach and delivery of service left nothing to be desired. I never imagined I would be able to get back on my feet again and recover from a financial crisis that was effecting all aspects of my life including the shear enjoyment of living. The day I agreed to hire their services they took over and it was hassle free from then on. I cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend them without hesitation.
  • M M

    Feb 27 2019 The firm kept us informed every step of the way with our bankruptcy. There were never any surprises and the staff was always professional and efficient. says:

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