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Tombari Law Group is located in Hanover, MA specializing in family and divorce law, bankruptcy law, and real estate law.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Richard Trabucco

    - Aug 13 2023 My wife and I feel much more comfortable with our future planning after going to see Bob Tombari for his advice and direction. He takes the time to make sure you understand all the best options. Great experience!
  • Gayle Webber

    - Aug 13 2023 I found Tom to be kind and caring. He made sure I understood everything, and made it easy for me. Would use him again if needed
  • SS

    - Jul 14 2023 I needed advice & help with a workers comp injury. It’s still an ongoing case,so far so good. Got good solid advice & representation which considerably lowered the stress & anxiety that goes along with being injured & out of work
  • Robert Athanase

    - Jul 14 2023 Excellent, excellent, excellent !
  • Liz P.

    - Jun 21 2023 Bob, has been our legal council for both personal and professional for over 30 years. His expert, professional and timely advice has always served us well. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come.
  • Kathy Murphy

    - Jun 14 2023 Bob is very though in explaining all that goes into a Trust. Thank You Bob
  • Rich Salz

    - Jun 14 2023 We had a great experience. We found Bob via Metlife Law. He helped us prepare will, power of attorney, and explained to us why we should put our house into a trust (which we did). Highly recommended; practical, non-nonsense, gets it done.
  • amanda bruce

    - Nov 02 2022 Grateful ...
  • Janine Baker

    - Sep 02 2022 Bob explained everything to us and made us feel at ease! I am telling all my friends to please go to Bob for all their needs. He was great!!
  • Paul Telesmanick

    - Jan 19 2022 Bob is an attorney who will go to bat for you. He truly cares about his clients and does whatever he needs to help. Couldn’t recommend a better attorney.
  • James Obrien

    - Jan 02 2022 Quite rewarding. All at the firm have been very responsive and fair.
  • Virginia F.

    - Dec 19 2021 Atty Tombari assisted in the negotiating and processing of a sensitive real estate transaction with complete and open communication and professionalism. His knowledge of real estate transactions is a unique strength coupled with his ability to succinctly communicate with 3rd party attorneys. 5 Star all the way! Thanks Bob!!!
  • Nick M

    - Dec 17 2021 In 2020, I found myself in an unfortunate situation financially. I am retired and on a fixed income. Due to personal and medical problems, inflation, and COVID, as many others have and are experiencing now, my only choice was to seek help. I was recommended by a friend to contact attorney Bob Tombari about my situation. After consultation, the decision of bankruptcy was made clear. I was anxious, confused, saddened, and uneducated about the whole procedure. Mr. Tombari, being a straight forward, no nonsense, experienced attorney, was still able to convey his compassion and understanding for me, his client. He kept me well informed, allowed me my freedom of options, and got me through a situation I thought was hopeless. I would recommend Mr. Tombari to anybody, at any time, for any and all legal needs.
  • Arthur C Tanny

    - Dec 16 2021 Bob has been there when ever I have ever need him. If you don't choose Bob for the job, then you aren't looking for a first class Attorney.
  • Barry Parker

    - Dec 16 2021 Bob did a fantastic job with both my will and refinance of my house. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Sam Adams

    - Dec 16 2021 Have dealt with Bob numerous times over the years. He has always done a great job and provided excellent representation
  • Kyle Ford

    - Dec 15 2021 Bob’s professionalism and responsiveness are unparalleled. He worked tirelessly to settle my case. Thank you Bob for your guidance and counsel.
  • scott deignan

    - Dec 15 2021 bob was great to work with and did all he said he would do
  • CAM

    - Dec 15 2021 BOB has always been responsive with excellent knowledge across a number of the issues that have come up over the 25 years I have known him. He has helped out in several difficult situations and I've always felt comfortable with referring him to others.
  • James Harrison

    - Dec 15 2021 Simply Awesome !
  • Steven R Hawes, CPA

    - Dec 15 2021 We have worked on numerous mutual clients, he never disappoints
  • Charles Meader

    - Dec 15 2021 Bob and his admin team have been very responsive and attentive, always easy to reach and quick to return correspondence all the while providing first rate legal counsel at an excellent rate. I am happy to recommend The Law Offices of Robert Tombari!
  • william Joseph Forsyth

    - Nov 26 2021 Tombari Law did a great job in guiding me through a difficult maze after my accident. They kept me up to date throughout the process. Highly recommend Tombari Law.
  • Gretchen Donahue

    - Nov 17 2021 Great experience. wonderful communication & clarity. They are extremely professional. Thankfully helped a difficult situation go as smoothly as it possibly could.
  • timothy hennigan jr

    - Nov 15 2021 Awesome customer service. Tombari Law is the best !
  • Ron Oliva

    - Nov 15 2021 Very professional with his excellent knowledge of multiple areas of the law. Mr.Tombari has the skills to resolve any legal issues you may encounter. You will not regret hiring this law firm.
  • Bill

    - Nov 15 2021 Bob Tombari is very knowledgeable and responsive. He has done considerable estate and special needs legal work for our family and for friends seeking similar legal expertise. I highly recommend him and his firm.
  • john a parker

    - Oct 18 2021 What Tim Hennigan said!!!
  • SB

    - Oct 18 2021 100% positive results. Very professional and hardworking law firm.
  • Charles Fabrizio

    - Oct 18 2021 Mr. Tombari took care of a shoplifting case for me. Very professional, understanding and caring.
  • timothy hennigan jr

    - Oct 16 2021 You guys are fuckin awesome!!!!
  • Mel Perdomo

    - Oct 15 2021 Bob has worked with us for over 5years and has always delivers outstanding service!!!
  • carl francis Zingarelli

    - Oct 15 2021 I have had a few different times I have gone to Tombari law office over the years for different legal reasons , I have always been treated with respect , professionally and a true concern for my requests . I always felt like I was treated like family along with great results every time.
  • Lisa Rice

    - Oct 15 2021 Fair priced, professional, and courteous. Pleasant experience.
  • Thomas Bonomi

    - Oct 15 2021 I recently had Tombari Law Group handle my estate plan and will. I was very pleased with the professional service they offer. All of my questions were answered and explained in a way that someone that is not familiar with legal terms could fully understand. I would use them again for any future legal work I need to have done.
  • Donna B

    - Oct 15 2021 We had a complete estate and will planning. The process was thorough snd we were pleased with the service. We will definitely recommend them to friends and family.
  • Rich Salz

    Jun 14 2023 We had a great experience. We found Bob via Metlife Law. He helped us prepare will, power of attorney, and explained to us why we should put our house into a trust (which we did). Highly recommended; practical, non-nonsense, gets it done.
  • Sean Krause

    Nov 15 2020
  • William Chiasson

    Apr 11 2020 Great experience with Tombari Law Group. I would not hesitate to contact Bob for any of your legal needs.
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