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New York, NY 10017
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Matthew Tomkiel has exclusively practiced plaintiff’s personal injury law in New York since 2003 with a primary focus on construction accident cases. He is a partner and a third-generation attorney in his family firm of Tomkiel & Tomkiel, PC. He is also “of counsel” to several New York law firms and litigates their complex accident cases. He is frequently asked to assist other attorneys at trial and act as appellate counsel.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sandra Francis

    Jul 28 2018 Service is excellent
  • Maxine Cullum

    Jun 01 2018 Very pleasant to work with, kept us updated, and responded to our calls unreasonable time. LOVED working with him. Wish he was in Ga.!
  • Angel Irizarry

    May 30 2018 I’m very happy to have a very Strong and aknowledgable Counsel. Stanley and Mathew are very good defense Lawyers.Their leadership and partnership is one of the best. I highly recomend the Tomkiel and Tomkiel Law Firm.
  • Bh

    May 29 2018 Very happy, very knowledgeable professional firm.. Thank you!!
  • Jensley Georges

    May 29 2018 At Tomkiel Tomkiel I got a the best service compared to my other experiences. Even though it was a long fight they never gave up and and got justice for me I'm please and satisfied with the work and effort of my lawyer Matthew I would recommend him to any body a real lawyer who fights for your right's
  • James Jackson Jr

    May 29 2018 My experience as of this time has been very good. As my case is still ongoing I feel I am in great hands.
  • Hayden

    May 29 2018 You worked assiduously and, kept me informed of my case which led [us] to a successful settlement.
  • Barbara Franquie

    May 04 2018 They are helping me now on a case and are very influential. Great service and always available. They understand your needs as a client.
  • Tracee Heidt

    May 02 2018 It was a good season I got a lot out of it you did a great job with me
  • MC

    Apr 03 2018 Matthew and his father Stanley are highly competent attorneys. I am satisfied with how my case is being handled.
  • MC

    Apr 03 2018 Matthew and his father Stanley are highly competent attorneys. I am satisfied with how my case is being handled.
  • Chris

    Mar 22 2018 Job well done. Matthew was very perceptive about what needed to be done. Stanley, his father, visited me at my home because getting around after my surgery was difficult. A very kind yet wise family legal practice. I have no regrets in seeking their counsel.
  • Nancy Garibaldi

    Feb 28 2018 Excellent experience with this firm and with Stanley!
  • Sabina Gritta

    Feb 28 2018 Mr. Tomkiel was fast and efficient to address my requests, when I contacted him. He always answered my question and provided the best advisory. Very professional and accurate. Thank you.
  • Margaret Brefo

    Jan 25 2018 I received an excellent service which was both satisfying and fulfilling
  • Nathaniel Heidt

    May 02 2018
  • Margaret Brefo

    Jan 30 2018 I received an excellent service which was both satisfying and fulfilling
  • Francine Amato

    Jan 29 2013 Very professional and was always available to ask questions and concerns throughout my case. Would highly recommend them!
  • patrick henry

    Jan 28 2013 Tomkiel and Tomkiel is a law firm which is dedicated to it's client's concerns and needs. Mr. Stanley Tomkiel's experience and knowledge of the law was impeccable. The Tomkiel firm was recommended to me, due to thier deliegence and dedication. The first day I called Stanley, he returned my call immediately and came to the hospital on the same day - ready to assist me and my family. From the beginning, we felt we were in good hands and it remained that way to the end. My family and I, would recommened the Tomkiel and Tomkiel Law Firm, anytime. In need of a good law firm, call Tomkiel and Tomkiel - tell them patrick sent you.
  • luis alvarez

    Dec 20 2012 I am luis alvarez; : When i got injure in 2008 i call Stanley Tomkiel and i explain about my injure ; When he went to my house and saw my injure he said dont worry i will take case : When Stanley Tomkiel took my case he saw the pain and the suffering and the emotion the i felt in my life not only me but family also ; also They call to make shore if i was alright ; they help with the doctor with appt with social secure act..... Tomkiel And Tomkiel are one of the best lawers in new york and cross the country and they help with what ever what you need
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