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Dr. Travis has been in practice over 36 years with multiple trainings and qualifications over the years in many different treatment techniques and methods. He is also a "Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician," "Certified TBM Practitioner," "Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner," and Certified as an "Applied Clinical Nutritionist." He has worked many pro-sports events, many rodeos on the Wrangler Sports Chiropractic team, was the team chiropractor for Bastrop Bears football for several years, and was selected to work the National Tae Kwon-Do finals in Houston in 1995. He received training in Russia and holds a reciprocal license to practice medicine there.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Nancy

    - Sep 25 2021 I went to see Dr.Travis in hopes of getting rid of my everlasting back pain, and I did! I had back pain for such a long time, and was so surprised to see that it improved greatly!
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Sep 26 2021Thank you. I\'m so glad you are getting better and continuing to keep it well.
  • Jennifer Cazorla

    - Sep 01 2021 From my first visit, Dr. Travis had me walking out feeling 10 times better than when I walked in. He knows what he’s doing. He encourages at home stretches to maintain the adjustment he’s done in the office, and on the days I actually do them, I do not wake up in pain. I love the office and all the reading material available, as well.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Sep 02 2021Thank you. Glad you\'re doing so much better.
  • Patrick

    - Sep 01 2021 Highly recommend
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Sep 02 2021Thanks for the recommendation.
  • kim parish

    - Aug 31 2021 Great
  • Patrick Jensen

    - Aug 29 2021 Very first meeting: My interior wiring was reset and the pain in my neck was gone and my posture improved.
  • Patrick Jensen

    - Aug 29 2021 My entire 'interior wiring' was reset and the results have been felt every day. The chiropractic table caught me, during an adjustment and bruised my left rib, and it took a month to stop hurting.
  • Eric Oake

    - Jul 26 2021 FInally found a DC that knows what he's doing and sees better health is more than just adjusting my body
  • Stewart Dale Spencer

    - May 01 2021 Besides helping me overcome serious and almost debilitating back pain, Dr. Travis taught me many things I could do to help myself. I live too far away now but I keep in contact via email. He remains very helpful.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      May 01 2021Thank you Stewart. Glad to hear you\'re doing well. Stop in if you\'re in the area. Dr Travis
  • Elizabeth Velazquez

    - Apr 10 2021 I have to admit the first time I went I was extremely nervous being my first time ever in a chiropractor office. But I actually had a wonderful experience. And I think he does excellent work.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Apr 13 2021Thank you. I\'m glad you\'re doing better and can get back to work.
  • Anne Lopez

    - Mar 15 2021 Great place! He can help you heal almost any ailment! I know four other people now going to Dr. Travis who are able to perform daily functions that they have not been able to for years, myself included. I would recommend him to everyone!
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Mar 15 2021Thank you. So glad everyone is doing so well. Keep the improvement going.
  • OP

    - Feb 13 2021 Dr. Travis is magnificent in rectifying my back issues. I used to have to go to my old chiropractor weekly, but Dr. Travis has improved my situation, to where I only go every two or three months.
  • Gregg loewe

    - Feb 04 2021 With my lifestyle, always on the road I get to be a total disaster with my body. My body, back, arms go numb. I can't get in every week like I would love to,but I call when I get in town or Texas and Dr. Travis gets me feeling Normal again. Adjusted and pain free.
  • Loise K Kirkham

    - Feb 03 2021 My back and side had been hurting me for 2 or more weeks, one visit with Ed and I feel 100% better. Thanks Ed.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Feb 07 2021So glad I could help you. Let\'s catch it earlier next time,
  • Angie Wiederhold

    - Feb 03 2021 Great chiropractor. Everyone is friendly. Always walk out feeling better than when I arrived. Have referred several people and always my choice when people ask for Suggestions!
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Feb 07 2021We really appreciate your confidence and your referrals. Thank you.
  • Jan Hinton

    - Feb 03 2021 Dr.Travis always gives the best adjustments.I walk out always feeling better.I have been going to Dr.Travis for years, I whighly recommend him to everyone.
  • Librado Samarripa

    - Feb 03 2021 Went in barely able to walk, let alone stand up straight. After the first Session 65% better. Went back next 2 day’s and felt 100% better
  • Vanessa Bates

    - Jan 03 2021 great place
  • Fred flinstone

    - Jan 03 2021 Always good adjustments And stern twist of the wrist for good measure. Yabba dabba do
  • T. F.

    - Jan 03 2021 I took my 84 year old mother to see Dr. Travis after her primary physician could do nothing for her back pain except write a prescription, which made her sleepy and unsteady on her feet. The last thing she needed was to have a fall, adding insult to injury. She had never been to a Chiropractor before, so she was a little nervous, and she wasn't sure about it, but Dr. Travis spoke to her, and he explained what was happening with her back, and what he could do to give her some relief. A couple of hours when we returned home, I was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, when Mom came in, and was dancing! She had been in too much pain to move for over a week, and now she was dancing! That did my heart so good! Just a tip....drink plenty of water after an adjustment. Slight soreness is normal, especially the first couple times, but so, so worth it! Dr. Travis is a true Master at this. I recommend him highly, without reservation.
  • Don C.

    - Dec 30 2020 Dr.Ed diagnosed not only extreme dehydration in my friend, but also diagnosed the patient's MD as "not capable of finding dehydration in a blood test that offered 15 key indicators of such." said by me. Dr. Travis has a level of competence is so many unexpected fields of orthodox medicine, I consider him a great place to start looking for a referral. Such as: Cardiology: Travis has a machine which has exceeded the quality of data collected by the EKG 84yrs ago, and the particular machine has been improved several times since then. Ophthalmology: The Optometrist, and the Ophthalmologist both gave my friend drops for his Glaucoma. Travis said that is a good thing to do, but what about addressing the cause? He tested and eliminated 4, and prescribed two out of 9 possible nutritional supplements to fight the "Cause" (a word which MDs refuse to use. They only look for symptoms.) Just two events of my 20 years of experience with Dr. Travis. Did you know he is certified to practice "Medicine" in Russia. Well, there is much to discover about this man's competence.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Dec 30 2020Thank you Don. I appreciate your confidence in me.
  • Eileen De Jong

    - Dec 22 2020 Dr Travis is one of the best Chiropractors I've ever seen! He takes care of the body as a whole.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Dec 22 2020Thank you. I\'m glad I can be a part of your healing journey.
  • Linda Denton

    - Dec 03 2020 I have been a chiropractic patient many years in various cities and Dr. Travis is the best. He listens to my concerns and addresses my needs. He also gives advise on nutrition and general well-being. He & Pam work with our insurance and financial concerns too. I can’t say enough good things about the service & treatment I receive!
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Dec 04 2020Thank you very much. We appreciate your continued confidence in us.
  • Reynaldo Cisneros

    - Dec 03 2020 Dr. Travis is amazing, he has help me get my mobility back. I used to have to get on my knees to get clothes out of the dryer and can now bend and get my laundry. It seems minor but to me it scary that I could not bend without pain. Dr. Travis is truly amazing at his job and a wonderful person. I would recommend him without reservation.
    • Dr. Edwin Travis

      Dec 04 2020I\'m so glad you\'re doing better. Thank you. Keep it moving...
  • Sarah Maxfeldt

    Sep 28 2020 Dr Travis fixed things in one visit that I had struggled with for 6-10 years respectively. I recommend him to people daily in every day conversations that come up. I'm very thankful for him and his wife ??
  • Everett Wilson

    Jul 30 2020 Dr. Travis is super, when it comes to health, nutrition, and chiropractic care! We love it.
  • Catherine Ursin

    Jun 19 2020 I've been going to Travis Chiropractic for decades and have had great results. Hope to continue doing so in the future.
  • Carol Ursin

    Jun 18 2020 Dr. Travis is the best! He keeps my body in alignment, so I only see my primary doctor for my yearly checkup.
  • joe kool

    Mar 28 2020 I have seen Dr. Travis for at least 3 or 4 years. I live in Pflugerville but my parents live in Cedar Creek. I find it well worth the drive to see Dr. Travis. His method of adjusting makes the body feel rejuvenated and balanced. It is hard to find a good Chiropractor these days. I have found a great one and he is assisted with his great wife, Pam, who days a great job of the operations. says:

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