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Trent Devenzio is well known for his calm demeanor and passion for preparation. With compassion for those in need, Trent focuses his time in the areas of Personal Injury, Social Security, Disability, Veteran's Disability and Mediation.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Srh

    - Jul 12 2022 Working with Mr. Devenzio & his assistant, Cindy, was a reassuring & successful experience. They were patient with me and had professionalism ALWAYS. I recommend Mr. Devenzio to represent anyone that is needing to apply for disability.
  • Maurice Malcolm

    - Jul 12 2022 It took awhile too get the insurance company too final come to the table and resolve, but it finally got resolved. Trent did a great job.
  • TJ Lewellen

    - May 11 2022 I had just had a life changing medical event and needed help with Social security disability benefits Mr. Devenzio listened and was very informative and honest about my expectations and the process of achieving my goal. If you are in a position like this please call him I truly believe that your experience will be one you will be happy with, thank you so much Mr. Devenzio.
  • Leslie G

    - Apr 18 2022 My experience with Mr Devenzio was superb. He has a friendly, caring and efficient staff. He guided me through my legal matter from beginning to end. It put me at ease. I was notified and assisted throughout the course with paperwork. I fully recommend his legal services.
  • Marylyn Welch

    - Mar 25 2022 My experience with Mr. Devenzio and his staff was excellent. He was dedicated to doing everything he could to take care of my needs. He and his staff truly cared and were always very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I expected things to take and long time and my case was settled in no time. I would highly recommend Trent Devenzio if you need an excellent attorney after an accident.
  • Imad Muhammad

    - Mar 25 2022 Integrity. Knowledgeable. Professional. Trent and his staff is amazing. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Kyle lewis

    - Mar 09 2022 Trent is an excellent attorney! He represented me in a case successfully and I can’t recommend him enough.
  • Julianna Platt

    - Feb 16 2022 Trent and his staff were very helpful. Answered all my questions and gave me guidance in regards to the law. Highly recommend using Trent Devinzio. He is very professional and knows his stuff! Couldn't ask for a better attorney.
  • John Comeaux

    - Feb 12 2022 My experience with Trent was first class! Trent kept me informed on each step of the process from start to finish. He or his staff always retuned calls in a timely manner. He was easy to talk to and always made sure I understood why certain actions were being taken. He was always very professional and provided a detailed list of all expenses associated with my case. I would highly recommend him for any legal problems.
  • Angie

    - Jan 10 2022 Awesome
  • Traci Miller

    - Dec 27 2021 I am very grateful that I was referred to Trent Devenzio. He allowed me the opportunity to tell my story. He listened to me and reassured me that he was able to represent me in my disability case. He and his assistant, Cindy kept me up to date on everything that was happening with my case. They also answered my questions thoroughly and confidently. I definitely recommend them.
  • Augus Roberts

    - Oct 20 2021 Great service you guys have an amazing team! Thank you all for your hard work and help
  • David Sunkle

    - Sep 11 2021 Personal and professional service, thank you to the staff also for all the help.
  • Robert Whitman

    - Aug 29 2021 They were very professional and took care of business. I would recommend them to my friends
  • Bobby Blain

    - Aug 05 2021 Mr Devenzio was very professional and wanted to be sure that every thing he did was correct
  • Mike Petrie

    - Jul 28 2021 He did a great job for me.
  • Douglas C Thompson

    - Jul 22 2021 Trend and his team handled my case flawlessly to a favorable outcome. His office was always available to get questions answered quickly. I would strongly recommend them to anybody in regards to getting their social security.
  • Kenneth Miller

    - Jun 29 2021 Mr. Devenzeo was very professional and very helpful in helping me understand how things would work. He and his team stuck to their commitment to completing the goal of helping me. Thank y'all very much.
  • Cyrus Jacobs

    - Jun 05 2021 I was very satisfied. Trent is a very good experience lawyer.
  • Hilary

    - Jun 04 2021 Trent was absolutely amazing and so professional. It was my first time dealing with something like this and he made it such a breeze. He also worked around my schedule seeing as we were both 8-5. He always kept me up to date with new information and went into detail about everything I needed to know. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Trent and Cindy for everything!
  • Tatia Tate

    - May 28 2021 I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Trent and Cindy. I could call with questions and would get a return call within hours with the answers. My disability case was handled with the utmost respect and attention. I would hire Trent all over again if I needed to. I highly recommend this firm if you are having difficulties with your disability case. I couldn’t have made it through without them.
  • Jenerie Monique Simon

    - May 28 2021 Trent won my case he’s very kind has a bit of a poker face lol but, don’t let it scare you he’s a great lawyer.
  • Phyllis Johnson

    - Apr 28 2021 Efficient and professional!
  • Tina Allen

    - Apr 28 2021 My experience was a pleasant one. Throughout my case, I was checked on and kept in the loop. Everything was explained to me and there weren't any surprises.
  • Nick

    - Jan 17 2021 Mr Devenzio is very knowledgable and did a good job.
  • Kevin Cook

    - Oct 08 2020 Very respectful and honest about the procedure got me the outcome that I was looking for and the help that I desperately needed with disability
  • Shawn M Mayer

    - Sep 23 2020 Social Security Disability Approved in 1 year.
  • EVH

    - Jul 10 2020 Fastest case solved that I have ever had to deal with! Thank you
  • Kathryn Beebe

    - Jul 10 2020 Great, very appreciative of his guidance and support
  • LW

    - Jun 22 2020 I have done this already but here goes. I feel you did a great job on my case. You made me feel very at ease through out the whole process. Thank you
  • Kathryn Beebe

    - Jun 10 2020 Great, appreciate your assistance in obtaining my disability.
  • Hope Bass

    - Jun 09 2020 Great experience
  • Mary Adkins

    - Jun 06 2020 Did a fantastic job very quickly
  • Ramona L Mason

    - Jun 03 2020 I was amazed how I was treated like a special client. Mr. Trent answered all my concerns and questions with patient. Thank you so much for your service.
  • Linda Winkler

    - May 27 2020 Trent is honest and very comforting. He knows how to put a person at ease. Thank you Trent for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone in need of a good honest lawyer and yes I would use you again.
  • Laura j Vanwright

    - May 08 2020 Great
  • Ma

    - May 06 2020 Trent did a fantastic job on my case .
  • Jeb

    - Apr 22 2020 My experience with Trent Devenzio was nothing short of exceptional. Trent truly cares about his clients and their experience, and his ethics are bar none. The services that I receieved from Trent surpased my expectations. I would venture to say most people do not look forward to litigious matters. Trent is very accomadating to his clients needs and keeps his clients informed every step of the way throught out the entire process. I was very comfortable throughout my entire experience. Trent explained to me in great detail everything that would be taking place throughout this process and what to expect during these events. I want to reiterate Trents ethics once again. Every meeting that I had with Trent there was a recap from our prior meeting and then a breifing into current events and how my case was moving forward. During these briefings Trent would provide myself with my available options by disussing each one and allowing a follow up for any questions and was never pushy in which direction I should proceed. Trent truly makes you feel like you are the boss. The process went by as quick as it could. There are multiple factors in play that can detur the process. These include the opposing attorney being out, waiting for a court date, ect. These are issues outside the scope of control. Throughout the enire process I was routinely getting updates whether via email, mail, direct phone calls from Trent himself or his accomodating staff. Overall my experience with Trent Devenzio was extremely satisfying. I felt like a client and not a paycheck and every decision was mine to make along the way.
  • Dean Marks

    - Apr 06 2020 Awesome experience!!
  • Vanessa Swan

    - Feb 10 2020 Mr. Devenzio is the best lawyer in the world?! He's very kindharted and understanding person. Great job Mr. Devenzio and God Bless you.

  • ML

    - Jan 15 2020 First of all I really appreciated Mr. Devenzio taking my case ...He’s a attorney that gathers and research all aspects of information about your case to make sure his representation Is accurate and the law book to back it.. He works hard and smart to make your case is successful.. Thank you again for everything.. I highly recommend him
  • Debora Bass

    - Jan 11 2020 I was very pleased with the outcome of my working experience with Mr. Devenzio. His office staff are not only professional but friendly and caring. My phone calls were answered or returned in a very timely manner. Mr. Devenzio took his time explaining every detail to me without making me feel rushed. If I ever need an attorney again, I will not hesitate to retain him.
  • Elida Bertrand

    - Dec 17 2019 Trent is a wonderful Attorney! He takes his time to understand your problems and ask many questions and stays in contact with you! I would highly recommend Trent and will use Trent again if I ever need an attorney! Thank you for all your time and effort on my case!! Im a satisfied client!!
  • Wanda Keys

    - Nov 16 2019 I always felt comfortable and satisfied with the advice I received.
  • Shawnda Brooks

    - Nov 01 2019 Long BUT Worth IT.... Satisfied
  • Vanessa Swan

    - Jul 16 2019 Mr. Devenzio was great! He was very firm and always on point about everything. I really enjoy him as my attorney. Thanks once again and God bless.
  • Deborah Prosperie

    - Jul 15 2019 Great experience! He is so thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. I am so glad that he was my attorney! Very nice also.
  • Mary Mouton

    - Apr 01 2019 Trent you did an amazing job. Thanks for taking my case. Your team is amazing and if I need help again I would use you again. May God bless you.
  • D. King

    - Oct 22 2018 I really enjoyed having Trent Devenzio to represent me. He was there with me every step of the way. Every time I called he responded. He explained everything and the process in details, if I did not understand, he would he would explain until I had a full understanding. He showed me and my family compassion. I would recommend him to anyone. Great Job Trent.
  • Patti

    - Sep 29 2018 After being involved in a accident in May 2017, I retained Mr. Trent Devenzio to handle my case. From the very start I knew I was in good hands. Not only did he address every concern I had, but he went above and beyond.
  • Martha Miller

    - Aug 29 2018 I was very pleased with Mr. DeVenzio’s representation. He kept me informed on the progress of my case at all times. He exhibited a thorough knowledge of the facts and the law regarding my claim. I would not hesitate to retain him again should the need arise or to recommend him to others.
  • Adrienne

    - Jul 31 2018 Extremely polite, efficient, trustworthy and caring. Always prepared and always made sure I was prepared. Highly recommended.
  • Denise

    - Jun 09 2018 Mr. Devenzio is an excellent attorney! Mr Devenzio and his staff always went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend him.
  • Destiny

    - May 24 2018 It was wonderful working with you, I would love to work with you again thank you!!
  • Robin Lemoine

    - Apr 26 2018 Very informative. Straight talk, no b.s.
  • DC

    - Apr 03 2018 Trent is an excellent Attorney. I would highly recommend his services.
  • Linda Collazo

    - Apr 02 2018 Excellent service!!! Will highly recommend!!
  • Dan Moser

    - Mar 29 2018 Trent has been a God send to my family in these last years of my parents lives. Very well described particularly with regard to his calm demeanor. Absolutely recommended!
  • Cody N

    - Feb 26 2018 Amazing customer services, Extremely helpful, always made any situation readily available.
  • DEK

    - Feb 22 2018 I felt very comfortable and knowledgeable doing my experience with the Law Firm.
  • shirley burleson

    - Sep 19 2017 best attorney i ever seen I would recommend him and his firm to anyone this man helped me when I had lost all hope and was very swift action.
  • Shannon DeLuna

    - Sep 12 2017 Mr. Devenzio is very professional and always puts his clients needs first. Anytime I needed to speak to him he always contacted me back personally. I highly recommend Mr. Devenzio. Thank You for everything you did for me.
  • David W Smith

    - Sep 12 2017 All good. I couldn't have done it on my own. Thank You Mr. Devinzio and Staff.
  • Kyle Lewis

    - Sep 11 2017 Very good! I was kept up to date on the progress of my case until it was successfully resolved. Mr. Devenzio and his staff went above and beyond my expectations. I'm very pleased and have recommended his firm to friends.
  • Olivia Colin

    Apr 09 2018
  • Paul Steger

    Apr 04 2018 Outstanding attorney.
  • Janice Talbot

    Nov 13 2017
  • Trina Williams

    Oct 14 2017 says:

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