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I care deeply about empowering my clients. I support them in clarifying complex business and personal conflicts and help them find resolution in a positive and life enhancing way. The collaborative process explores options, clearing the way to find resolution based upon over lapping interests. We have a team attorneys and mental health professionals to help if needed. I combine my finance background with compassion and empathy to create a safe environment for honest communication. Whether one is going through a divorce, the dissolution of a business partnership or other life challenge, I want to help find common ground to transform what is a stressful life experience, making it a win-win resolution. I'd like to be sure that the interests and desires of both parties are fulfilled.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • John A. Linder

    - Nov 14 2022 Tricia is a kind, caring and insightful professional. She is fair and considerate of both positions in a neutral divorce mediation. In most successful negotiations, both sides come away dissatisfied. Not the case when working with Tricia Morris. You will feel a sense of trust and she will guide you through.
  • Bob Cranmer-Brown

    - Apr 24 2019 Tricia was very helpful in putting together a child custody agreement for my son, who lives on the Big Island in Hilo. I rate her very highly.
  • ATD

    - Sep 19 2018 Tricia was honest, professional and very patient as we mediated a high-conflict parenting plan. Her expertise and positive attitude helped us get through a challenging life experience, and we appreciated her clear communication and commitment to finding the best solution for everyone.
  • SWC

    - Mar 27 2018 Tricia helped me in many ways, and my life is better because of the experience I had working with her.
  • Carrol Nevius

    Mar 15 2018 Excellent listener, very knowledgeable in her field. Tricia has an innate way to bring people together in such a way that all parties involved feel that the best solution was reached for everyone.
  • Nicole Fisher

    Jan 18 2017 Tricia Morris of Maui is an amazing mediator who serves the financial, business and divorce communities around the US and Canada. Tricia has helped couples find an easier divorce, employers find great solutions for their employee dust-ups and she helps businesses tackle a fair financial compromise. I would trust her mediate any situation.
  • Debbie Defanis

    Nov 11 2016 I called Tricia Morris for advice on the closing of my home. My realtor was representing both parties. Although I trusted them, i felt I needed an unbiased opinion on my buyers terms for closing. I'm so glad I did. She went over all the terms and made some adjustments to the documents that gave me more protection that I thought I could have. Thanks to Tricia's keen eye and fast response I felt very confident in signing the documents. Closing went very smoothly.
  • Dave Brown

    Nov 10 2016 I have known Tricia for over 30 years and she has always been forthright and upfront with me in all situations. She has given me great advice and shared her extensive knowledge of real estate industry with me. Her willingness and insight have been extremely helpful to me in my negotiations. Dave Brown Investor
  • Candace Marie

    Nov 06 2016 If you are searching for a more positive resolution to personal or business conflicts, choosing a Conflict Coach, opting for Mediation or engaging in targeted Consulting, can provide the solution you seek. Working with Tricia Morris who offers all three, begins an effective alternative to the dispute resolution process. Tricia's approach can save time and money otherwise spent arguing between two attorneys. Her composure and emphasis on making peace, goes a long way toward accommodating diverse views. Less frustration with face to face sessions in mediation, means the work to restore harmony is a shared and supported process. Tricia’s skilled, professional, and conciliatory approach can greatly reduce the emotional toll and cost for both parities. says:

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