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No matter how big or small the job, Doug and Jayne welcome the opportunity to serve your decorating and remodeling needs. We stand behind our products and customer satisfaction is always #1!
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Yannick

    Jul 16 2019 Remodeled our masterbath and Rodney from Tubs and More was so helpful in my selections with detail information and demonstrations.
  • Rohan

    Jul 12 2019 We were in the market for a soak tub and wanted to see options. It is rare to view portions and learn at the big stores. As amateurs we thought it necessary to learn about the nuances of tub buying. At Doug’s Tubs they were very good at making us feel welcome and then we were very attentively assisted. We were able to meet Doug himself, who is very jovial and generous with knowledgeable sharing. In the space of 40 mins we purchased a tub, that was suitable for us and we bought many of the the tub and shower plumbing fixtures for our bathroom. Hands down these guys are awesome and the showroom has hundreds of tubs - some with water in them! - that you can sit in to gauge what would work best. Love the variety and love the people....

    Jul 05 2019 Wonderful people, great selection of quality products and fantastic service. If you can afford quality, this is the place to go. Thanks Jan for all your help.
  • Ken Golen

    Jun 30 2019 Best products Best service Best price Plus, free parking! What more can you ask for?
  • Leila

    Jun 29 2019 Wonderful from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable, very attentive, provided information requested by the installer quickly, and have an extensive on-site inventory.
  • Eliot Zeichner

    Jun 28 2019 Pleasant dealing with staff. Overall good experience
  • Melisa Gold

    Jun 25 2019 Rodney was a pleasure to work with. Provided an e-mail quotes the same day. Knowledgeable and able to spend time to explain everything. Highly recommend.
  • Jeff Gold

    Jun 10 2019 Can’t thank you enough for dropping by this week with the valve and spare parts that the plumber needed. I wanted to let you know that Scott Burns, copied here, has been a true gentleman and very cooperative with the retrofit and re-calibration of both Sigma valves in the master and boys room. He has been in constant contact with the plumber with regards to parts needed for the valves, and he has stayed in contact with me as well, as needed. I am grateful to Tubs and More for your continued support and friendship. I am thankful for Scott staying on top of the issues and trying to put them to bed after two years-plus, and I am very grateful for the introduction to Mark Girolmetti, certified plumber, by Scott (copied here as well). As you know, I am hundreds if not thousands into this repair by now for a variety of reasons. For the first time, I truly feel that both Scott and Mark have it under control. Today, for the first time in 18 months, I actually was able to take a shower without scolding myself. Who would of known that was even possible! Jan - thank you for your constant support. This rebuild has been very difficult, post fire, and you have truly been one of the shining stars in our lives. Nili and I are very grateful. Wishing everyone an amazing week and weekend ahead.
  • Bob Perez

    Jun 01 2019 Rodney was patient with us and very knowledgeable. Rodney was also able to meet our price requirements.
  • Yoly Giha

    May 31 2019 ??
  • Ken Golen

    May 17 2019 Professional staff, excellent variety of products- perfect for design professional like myself to utilize for my plumbing supplies. I highly recommend Tubs and More.
  • Andy march

    May 17 2019 Sweet
  • Doug Fitch

    May 15 2019 Jan did a great job helping us in a pinch to get a freestanding tub. Great service.
  • Iris

    Apr 08 2019 Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great people to work with.

    Apr 01 2019 Great store to work with. Went in cold and found them warm and helpful. They recommended a GC, Paul Silvers, who we hired and done great work in handling a complete new master bathroom. We bought all our plumbing supplies including a whirlpool type tub at the store. Waiting now on our big LED mirrors from them... Ask to work with Jan.
  • Big Dog Home Repair

    Mar 27 2019 I send all my Clients to Tubs & More Doug Jayne and staff are the best. Great showroom and great Prices. Not to mention the great Product knowledge that they Have.....
  • Mary DeNunzio

    Mar 25 2019 It has been a delight to work with the team at Doug's Tubs. As an Interior Designer, we strive to make the designing process and enjoyable one. We want our clients to experience the service, friendliness and product knowledge they deserve, and we expect that from our Vendors. Thank you to the team for making our experience a positive one.
  • Rolando Damas

    Mar 22 2019 Knowledgeable and friendly staff which is always ready to help and answer any questions. They also have a large variety of products.
  • William Burley

    Mar 20 2019 Rodney was very attentive to all our needs. it was a pleasure to work with him.
  • Marlene Hess

    Mar 18 2019 Very relaxed experience - no pressure. Very knowledgeable on all products.
  • Matt B.

    Mar 18 2019 We had an exceptionally good experience with Tubs & More Supply. We worked with Trevor, who was outstanding. We were redoing our entire bathroom and we purchased all the hardware for the shower (ceiling jets, wall jets, and all the associated controls) plus a faucet for a tub we purchased elsewhere. There ended up being a a bit of a cluster between our designer, contractor, and plumber that resulted in me needing to make a couple extra trips to Tubs & More to get additional parts. Trevor was very understanding and easy to work with throughout. The really exceptional part relates to the faucet for the tub. Based on the manufacturer's specifications we initially purchased a faucet that would mount into the rim of the tub. However, when the tub arrived and the plumber started to install the faucet he told us that it couldn't be done and we needed a floor-mounted faucet. So, after overcoming the frustration (because of course the plumber told us this after he had left and this would mean that we would have no operating tub that day -- and of course we had renters coming in the very next day), I ran back to Tubs & More directly from work and purchased the floor-mounted faucet. Trevor assured me that I could return the unused faucet for a full refund. In a mad, expensive dash with a second plumber we got the tub fully installed and the renters were happy. Months went by and I came across the tub faucet we didn't use sitting in a closet without a box amidst a bunch of stuff that got shoved there in the rush to get ready for the renters. (Uh, oh -- that thing wasn't cheap -- what have I done?!) Thinking I was going to be disappointed with myself, I called Trevor and he, remarkably, took care of it. He gave me a full refund even though months had gone by and I had no box. In my experience, that's unheard of. I was frankly stunned. I was expecting to need to unload the faucet on eBay or Craigslist for a fraction of what I spent. This level of service and concern for the best interest of the customer is rare and provoked me to write this review. Thanks Tubs & More and thanks Trevor! You guys are the best and I won't hesitate to use you again or to recommend you to others!
  • Jeannette

    Mar 18 2019 Getardo was wonderful. Answered all my questions.
  • Esther Newman

    Feb 25 2019 Jan is knowledgeable, patient, and terrific!
  • Stuart Newman

    Feb 25 2019 Jan showed great interest in providing the faucets and tub we were looking for.
  • John Palmateir

    Feb 22 2019 We just did a remodel of our bathroom and looked at a couple different tubs in the showroom. We ordered one, but then discovered that any future maintenance would be blocked by cabinets and had to change our choice. We worked with Rodney and cannot say enough good about the experience and follow-up during the entire order and delivery process. The tub we finally settled on was a rectangular 4x6 foot Jason MicroSilk/AirMasseur hydrotherapy unit that was going into a second-floor master bathroom. Although it took a great deal of labor, the delivery crew was able to think through the task, and manhandle the tub all away into the bath so that framing measurements and other tasks could be accomplished in a timely manner. We would strongly recommend that for any bathroom remodeling look to Tubs and More, you won't do better.
  • Robert Gebara

    Feb 17 2019 very easy to deal with honest and responsive
  • Mark Livingston

    Feb 05 2019 Rodney provided outstanding guidance and support throughout the purchase of our wonderful new Americh whirlpool tub and Artos faucet. Installation is complete and we are delighted with the appearance and performance of our new tub.
  • Karen Rogers

    Jan 13 2019 Awesome!! Absolutely!! Wished I had found Tubs and More from onset!! Want a WOW experience? Tubs and More is the place!! Want A ONE customer service? Rodney will and does stick with you throughout the experience!! High end quality, even in customer care!!
  • Otane Mendoza

    Dec 29 2018 Jan Turner was amazing! I needed a replacement part for my Hansgrohe wall outlet that I purchased in 2007 at Tubs & More and Jan was extremely helpful. She immediately contacted the rep and ordered me the part. I am highly thankful for the excellent customer service provided by Jan. Highly recommended!
  • Helen

    Dec 15 2018 Rodney at Tubs made our bathroom renovation project a breeze. He was extremely patient and helpful even when we kept changing our minds. He helped guide us through the process and made sure we had everything we needed even items we did not even think about. He went the extra mile by helping our contractor when he had questions. I highly recommend Tubs & More as a o e stop shop for all your bathroom projects. Top class customer service and products.
  • Jim Lopez

    Dec 11 2018 I am very pleased with the service that Rodney has given me and my Family through out the Years and will continue to be a customer of Tubs and more for a very long time .
  • Ron and Carrie Kaminski

    Nov 29 2018 After making the rounds of many plumbing places generally being ignored, what a relief to come into Tubs and More. This place is amazing! The staff, lead by Doug, the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and pleasant. Of course, our main contact is the irreplaceable Jan Turner who is fantastic. Jan is a "can do" sales person who simply makes it happen. Her extensive knowledge made navigating their extensive array of tubs, drains, sinks, shower heads, faucets a breeze. This place is a MUST if you want high quality bath or kitchen plumbing at great prices from a friendly, reliable and knowledgeable staff! Thank you Doug and Jan!
  • Mark Consiglio

    Nov 20 2018 great service
  • Elise R.

    Nov 19 2018 Rarely do I give 5 stars to any establishment but none can be deserving than Dougs Tubs. I am currently under going a full remodel of my master bathroom and for the first time tackling a project like this without the help of an interior designer. To say I am alittle nervous is an understatement but the minute i walked thru Dougs doors after visiting numerous places in person and online my fears went right out the door. I was so warmly greeted and what I really liked was I was asked if I needed help or wanted some time to browse. I cant stand when I am shopping for anything being stalked and trailed by a hungry salesperson. Gerado came to my rescue pretty quickly and within 5 mins Doug the owner came out and greeted me as though I have known him for years. Their selection of tubs bath hardware are numerous. In fact they even have some tubs that you can actually fill onsite. To boot they have an area for kitchen sinks/cabinets and I have never been to a place where you can actually test out faucets. Their bathroom vanity selection on site is limited however they will work with you if there is something not there that you may want as you have lots of options. Seriously I cannot say enough about Doug, his store and the people he has working for him. To me you can have the most beautiful things in your store but if the customer service doesnt compliment the merchandise then there is little chance of me walking out with a purchase. Best customer service anywhere. Thank you Doug thank you Gerado for making such a stressful experience as relaxing and as pleasant as Im sure soaking is in one of your beautiful tubs.
  • Robert Linzer

    Nov 18 2018 Great service!
  • Craig Friedman

    Nov 16 2018 Excellent
  • Larry Glassman

    Nov 10 2018 The best company to deal with.
  • Jeff G.

    Nov 05 2018 Tubs & More is the best example of what the world has to offer in customer service. There is no equal. After our home burned to the ground a couple of years ago, we decided to rebuild and wanted to give the local shop an opportunity to help us with the rebuild. We called upon Doug and Jayne Johnson. Their team and in particular Jan Turner helped us with all our outfitting of three very detailed bathrooms and the kitchen. We couldn't be happier. Everything is beautiful and tastefully done. However, the reason for my post is this - as you all know, construction is never perfect. Despite the numerous plumbing issues, all contractor related, Doug, Jayne and Jan stood by and continuously helped us until all the plumbing, fixture and cosmetic issues were resolved. At no point in time, did they bail on us or deny us the help we truly needed. They dealt with the manufacturers when needed, they dealt with the sub-contractors when needed, the architects and inspectors. My wife and I have never seen anything like it. Tubs & More is surrounded with the nicest and classiest group of professionals in the retail sector. Please consider this incredible family business for all your plumbing fixture needs. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  • Oscar Siflinger

    Oct 19 2018 Excellent
  • L. G.

    Oct 12 2018 Fantastic company, Fantastic service, Great Prices. The BEST
  • Steven Arbogast

    Sep 12 2018 Rodney was very helpful during the selection process. He was patient and very informative of the products that we were looking at and eventually bought. Would highly recommended Tubs and More and especially Rodney.
  • Lindsay Raphael

    Sep 12 2018 Rodney was great to work with and we love the tub we bought
  • Carol DeMare

    Aug 30 2018 Very knowledgeble staff to help you understand and make the right selections

  • l. mEYER

    Aug 27 2018 Excellent service and great selection.

    Aug 25 2018 Knowledgeable, always available service. Phone calls are returned; questions answered; problems resolved; prices are great. Your delivery of my order was totally smooth...on schedule and seamless. I will always recommend you and your staff. If I am to recommend one thing I would say that my first impression in your showroom was that you had limited inventory. But as we worked together, I was able to find everything I needed and wanted. Win win!! Thank you
  • Brian Mejia

    Aug 23 2018 Tubs & More is the go to place for quality service and products, ask for Rodney he’s the man!!!
  • Christoffer Landqvist

    Aug 10 2018 Buying the fixtures and tub from Doug and his crew was the best experience you can have. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional people that know how to make you feel at home. We will always come back... Best//Chris
  • Danielle

    Jul 22 2018 Doug and Rodney were very knowledgeable about the products we purchased for our new kitchen. Plan to go back when we do our bathrooms.
  • Scott Macleod

    Jun 14 2018 All was great
  • Nir Mayzel

    Jun 13 2018 100% AAA+++
  • Marisol Zapata - Z Interiors

    Jun 06 2018 Always very responsive and prompt with quotes. Also, very competitive and great prices!
  • Luisa Alvarez

    Jun 05 2018 Working with Rodney in deciding the toilet and faucets for my bathroom was easy. Rodney is really a professional and very knowledgeable. I will use your services if I need to.
  • VEP Construction LLC

    Jun 05 2018 Excellent job, super easy and well oriented advise. Rodney it was a pleasure working with you
  • Dane

    May 25 2018 Great service by salesman
  • Tobi Reiss

    May 25 2018 Although things did not go smoothly, the responsiveness of everyone from the salesperson to the technician to the engineer, was respectful and immediate. They persisted until the problem was solved. How people act when things go wrong is the best measure of their performance.
  • Tom Hynes

    May 09 2018 Doug and his staff do an excellent job of taking both taking care of your needs and helping with any engineering or installation questions. Great price as well.
  • Ronald Formisano

    May 03 2018 As a seasoned contractor who has many options, Tub and More never fails to deliver not only expert advise but the selection is second to None and the loyal service and follow thru is the reasons I keep bringing my customers to Doug’s Tubs and More. There is nothing like it ! Thanks Doug and Jayne ! You really care about your customer.
  • Pam

    Apr 18 2018 Very professional and helpful
  • Leonor

    Apr 13 2018 Great selection of all items you are looking for. The best customer service. Received all our items on a very timely matter.
  • Tim Soteropoulos

    Apr 12 2018 Doug and Co. have such a great selection of quality kitchen and bath fixtures. The prices are very competitive and the service from his detail driven staff is unmatched. I will recommend Tubs and More every chance i get.
  • Paige

    Apr 10 2018 Jan is wonderful and very helpful! I’ve had a great experience and I’m not done remodeling. I’ll use their services for the rest of my home and refer to all my friends. I love that they have really nice products and a range of pricing. I highly recommend this company! A very close contractor friend referred me.
  • Michael A. Goldman

    Apr 09 2018 Very Nice People ~ Great Customer Service ~ Honest and Professional ~ Highly Recommended ~
  • Carlos A.

    Apr 08 2018 Great customer service and absolutely great products.
  • Dina

    Apr 03 2018 Rodnick was patient and knowledgeable, it was a great experience. I am happy with my tub.
  • William S. Peters

    Mar 14 2018 Bought 2 vanity sinks.
  • Fernando Marquez

  • Genesis

    Feb 07 2018 Staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Thwy have the best products at very competitive prices.
  • annette arroyo

    Jan 15 2018 Great Trustworthy People. Excellent Product & Knowledge. Top Notch Customer Service hands down!!! I would buy from them again. Highly recommend. Annette A
  • Donna Cohen

    Dec 12 2017 For our master bathroom gutting and makeover, we did a lot of searching to find the products we wanted at a great price, We chose Tubs and more. They were knowledgeable, patient, and had an extensive selection of not only hard ware but the biggest selection of Tubs I found anywhere. The Customer service AND the pricing were the best! - a rare combination. I highly recommend this company, If I could make a wish, it would be for them to open a showroom in Miami, yet it was well worth the drive! They made a challenging process fun.
  • Terry Graff

    Dec 05 2017 Also know as Doug's tubs. Many options available. Great show room, with functional tubs, showers, sinks, toilets etc. Many high end options, that are not offered in most places. If you are doing a bathroom remodel, take the time and check them out.
  • Susie Krajsa

    Dec 01 2017 Doug, Jane, and the entire team at Tubs & More were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout our remodeling process. The exchange of information and ideas resulted in a first class renovation/ installation in our master bath and bedroom. We would highly recommend Doug and his team at Tubs & More to anyone who is looking for a first class remodeling experience.
  • Regina Siedentopf

    Nov 03 2017 Everything in my bathroom is from Tubs n More. The care, expertise, and ideas they gave me created a beautiful master bath. Everyone there works hard to assist you in your vision. That vision will soon be a reality. I visited today, and saw beautiful new kitchen ideas. Thank you very much to everyone at Tubs n More...love you guys......so very happy.... Well, now after seeing your beautiful new kitchen ideas.....oh oh kitchen next?????. Most definitly.
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