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Culver Van Der Jagt began his legal career as a paralegal in Littleton, and continued with the same firm after he graduated from law school. He founded his own firm in March of 2009 in order to personalize his services and offer lower fees to his clients and to achieve your divorce as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Matt

    - Jul 15 2019 Culver is brilliant. I had to fire my previous lawyer and get a new one immediately. I was lucky to find Mr Van Der Jagt. Immediately he got my case on track and was constantly one step ahead of the opposite sides council. Court was almost embarrassing for the other side as Culver legally shredded their case apart and kept my main interests (my children) safe and happy. Thank you Culver you made this family very happy.
  • JoAnna Nehring

    Aug 18 2017 I did not use this law firm for my divorce (but wished that I had! Let's just say that I spent about $80,000 dollars on a different lawyer three years ago- last name Stoorman- that did not represent me well, nor did we even go to court)....anyway, I have dealt with at least 3 different lawyers through my life and this firm is reputable and more helpful than any I have met in the past. I came to them and as a free consult. I learned more than I have with any other lawyer. I will use them in any future dealings as needed.
  • Richard Estess

    Mar 23 2017 O.K. It's as simple as this. If you come across a family law attorney who works with you to try to help you as a human being like this guy did your lucky. He stepped it up 100 notches times 10. Instead of focusing on what he could make he saw with us an opportunity to save the relationship. He wanted deeply to help me heal myself. I can't ever on Earth promote an attorney more and I've had 15+ in experience. This dude is the coolest cat I've ever met. Hope this review is helpful!!!!
  • li wa

    Jan 09 2017 My husband and I consulted with Culver a couple of times during our case when our regular Van der Jagt attorney was unavailable (vacation, in court, etc.). Culver was patience personified, he took time to answer phone calls, even took the time to talk when I had to walk-in without an appointment a time or two. His professionalism, reassurance and answers to difficult questions helped to keep our spirits up during a hard 17-month case. Without the help of Culver, his lawyers, and the rest of his firm, we would have been floundering without a clear direction. His firm's prices are extremely reasonable and they don't bill for every little question, which given the length of our case, was greatly appreciated. Culver also helped my husband out with some advice regarding his ex-wife and saved us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. There are many lawyers who will advise you to go ahead and file motions that aren't necessarily in the best interest of you and your family, whereas Culver's direct-speak approach and advice on the possible outcomes saved my husband from filing on an issue that probably wouldn't have gone anywhere and just needlessly aggravated the situation with his ex. Thanks to Culver, that situation didn't go from bad to worse. Attorneys aren't the ones, at the end of the day, who have to deal with the children involved in high-conflict divorces, but a good, caring, responsible attorney, who knows when to advise you NOT to file, can help your children and your family. Our consultations with Culver (and all his staff members) always helped us see the best possible picture for our kids. We cannot say enough good things about Culver and his attorneys and staff - I recommend him and his firm to anyone, anytime.
  • Travis Matkin

    Jan 06 2017 I was recommended to Culver by some friends for complex post decree issues. It was obvious from our first meeting that I had made the right choice. I have worked with both Culver and his associate, Kelli Malcolm who have been extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. Their staff has been nothing but professional. It is obvious they believe in the cases they represent. My experience with this group of professionals has been positive and would recommend that they are given an opportunity if you find yourself in a situation that would require their services! says:

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