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455 Danforth Ave., Suite 450
Toronto, ON M4K 1P1
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Warren Morris, the principal at Warren Morris Mediation, is a mediator, arbitrator and adjudicator. An expert in commercial mediation, he has a unique ability to simplify complex matters and create an atmosphere conducive to settlement.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Louis Kakoutis

    - Oct 31 2019 Mr. Morris accomplished the impossible because he undertook to manage what three levels of courts had failed to correct and for that he deserves a ten star rating
    • Warren Morris

      Oct 31 2019Mr. Kakoutis: Thank you for your kind words.
  • Kumail Hasan

    - Apr 19 2018 Very responsive. Takes time to work with clients
  • Diana White

    - Mar 27 2018 I would highly recommend the mediation services of Warren Morris. Previously a Lawyer, Warren brings a unique mix of empathy and legal savvy to resolve disputes. When I needed legal information and mediation to resolve my business tenant/landlord dispute, Warren uncovered the critical key components necessary in resolving my dispute. Diana White, President Gurry & White Personnel Resources Ltd.

    - Nov 27 2017 excellent
  • Joseph Amodeo

    - Nov 24 2017 Warren provides excellent results!
  • Dr Aldo Forgione

    - Nov 24 2017 Warren Morris is great at lessening differences by finding commonality in positions.
  • Scott Thomas

    - Nov 11 2017 Warren Morris is an approachable, well balanced professional who is hard working and very much invested in any work he takes on.
  • Tara Tweg

    - Oct 25 2017 Excellent. Very knowledgable and professional.
  • Kaye Law

    - Oct 25 2017 Pleasant and knowledgeable mediator. On our list of recommended mediators.
  • Charlotte Nissenbaum

    - Oct 25 2017 A true professional who cares about doing things the right way.
  • Mark Miller

    - Oct 25 2017 Excellent, loyal, and a hard worker.

    - Oct 25 2017 very good
  • Joseph Amodeo

    - Oct 25 2017 Warren was very professional.
  • Amelia Golden

    - Oct 25 2017 Warren Morris is a dedicated professional. As colleagues, we have consulted together on a number of files. I value his advice and I am always impressed by how much effort he puts into his own work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Warren to anybody who was in need of mediation services.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Sep 27 2017 Warren is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Sounds Great

    Nov 01 2019 Mr. Morris was exceptional A very caring person who listens to all sides and essentially accomplished what three levels of court failed to do. He deserves a ten star rating for managing to do the impossible.
  • Nancy Biderman

    Nov 09 2017 Warren creates a very positive atmosphere and forum for negotiation and resolution. His knowledge, understanding, professionalism and dedication, to the most successful outcome, are second to none.
  • Michael Elman

    Sep 25 2017
  • Randy Sutton

    Jul 12 2017
  • Dorothy Engelman

    Feb 15 2017 Warren has been sincere, trustworthy and fair in all his dealings with me.

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