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Weitz & Luxenberg has a 30-year track record of successfully fighting for clients cases in areas of litigation including asbestos and mesothelioma, dangerous drugs and defective devices, environmental pollution, consumer protection, and personal injury. Your case is very important to us.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Lauren Ames

    - May 27 2020 My deceased wife select Weitz & Luxenberg before she passed away. She was very pleased with their response to her condition and I must agree. They have been thorough and timely.
  • Geraldine Andrews

    - Jun 02 2019 Weitz and Luxenberg representsed my husband and I in our mesothelioma Lawsuit. Our lawyer Benjamin Darche was caring and compassionate and my husband wanted his story told, Ben did a fine job doing just that. We were pleased with our settlement. I would highly recommend using this firm.
  • Nancy Heintz

    - Jun 02 2019 The company was referred to me by a co-worker and we couldn't be happier . Everyone was very helpful and ready to answer all our questions. I will t Recommend to friends and family.
  • Joseph Ciano

    - May 24 2019 I find this firm to be very professional, courteous and they put the clients interest first. They always get back to me with answers to any questions I might have and work hard for me. I appreciate that.
  • Mary Ann Koczara

    - Apr 10 2019 Weitz & Luxenberg has been outstanding in all they have done to help my husband and I through his Mesothelioma case. They have treated us like family, both while we were in California for Hearing, and through correspondence from their New York office. They are always courteous and professional. I have every confidence that their employees are doing everything they can to help us, and would highly recommend them to anyone with Mesothelioma, seeking legal assistance.
  • Nanette Dragone

    - Apr 02 2019 The case they handled was for my father. Over the years I have spoken to many people from the firm. All were professional, courteous and compassionate. I would highly recommend the firm of Weitz & Luxenberg to friends and family members. My family and I want to say thank you for all you have done for us.
  • Neda Azmery

    - Mar 24 2019 This case for my father, Nader Kordestani, was handled professionally and detail. His Atty and the office worked hard to get him what he was fighting for...thank you again everyone!
  • Mark Saskin

    - Mar 24 2019 Weitz and Luxenberg was there for our family and treated us with the utmost respect during our hardest times!
  • Rhonda Rhyne

    - Mar 21 2019 Very helpful and courteous. Also very punctual and well aware of my situation.
  • Frances I

    - Mar 17 2019 When my husband John was diagnosed with Mesothelioma we didn't know anything about it. The attorney from Weitz & Luxenberg came to our home and explained the entire process. She took the time to put us at ease. The case was handled with skill and determination. I am exceptionally pleased and grateful to Weitz & Luxenberg.
  • Brigitte Schildknegt

    - Mar 13 2019 The firm responded to a call from my husband and from that point on guided him through the process. Through the deposition and court appearances which were not always easy for my husband.. He has since passed away but knew that that funds were there for his family.. I would recommend W&L anytime. They responded to all his questions in a timely manner and explained what was to happen next. We are grateful and our family thanks you.
  • Alfred J Mondella

    - Mar 07 2019 Entire experience was excellent. Service, response, promptness, professionalism, communication.
  • ML

    - Mar 05 2019 The firm responded to a call from my husband after his hospitalization/dx. They visited us and opened the case collecting records and preparing us. They also were here helping my husband to prepare for the deposition, By this time he had received so much radiation and chemo his mind was very confused. Prior to his death the firm informed us of some pending monies. He died before collecting any .I called on rare occassions and was always helped if need be.
  • Caroline Fleming

    - Mar 04 2019 Overall my family and I have had a good experience with Weitz. I would recommend the firm to anyone of my friends or family members.
  • jean smith

    - Mar 03 2019 I have been very satisified, up until now. Now that we are at the end, I sent a text and received no response,and that person was going to reach out to another department for me, and I never heard all week. See your clients through to the VERY end.
  • SLG

    - Mar 02 2019 W & L was the first law firm that we ever worked with and neither of of us particularly cared for lawyers, however, our W&L attorney was very knowledgeable and professional. We were able to attain a settlement which was beyond our expectations. My husband has since passed and the settlements continue. I offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all they have done for myself and for our family. I know my husband left this world with great peace of mind knowing that we would be well taken care of. Thanks again W&L
  • Marjorie Jessup

    - Feb 23 2019 I was referred to your firm and Leonard Sandoval by my attorney. My children and I have worked with him from the beginning. I could not have imagined how easy your firm has made this for us. Everyone we have communicated with has been so professional, and quick to respond to our questions and concerns. We are so grateful to W & L. We would be pleased to highly recommend W & L any time.
  • Mary Saks

    - Feb 22 2019 This law firm was very professional and easy to work with in my time of need. I was always kept informed, and my questions were answered quickly. I highly recommend them.
  • Mark

    - Feb 22 2019 Weitz and Luxenberg were their for my family during our hardest times!
  • Frank Heckstall

    - Feb 18 2019 My attorney and the Weitz & Luxenberg team treated me with compassion and kept me informed every step through the process. The results of my particular case was better than I could ever have imagined. I highly recommend Weitz & Luxenberg .
  • Dr. Howard Snyder

    - Feb 18 2019 Obviously, when one loses a family member, especially a wife, the sorrow and pain can never be overmatched by anything nor any entity. That notwithstanding, those representing my late wife's judicial matters were seamless. One never knows how tedious it must be from a legal standpoint how long the process might take. But communication was continual process that made the first year bearable. Four years since my wife's death, I am busy, perpetually interested in medicine as a researcher from my home. I must say I was quite surprised that there were additional settlements to be decided upon. That also says a great deal about the marvelous team watching my back, as it were. I thank everyone for fighting the good fight. No amount of money will replace Mary, but it gives me comfort knowing my love ones will be well taken care upon my death. My Sincere Thanks You To Everyone!
  • Julie Granger

    Nov 21 2017 In 2015, I wrote a 1 star review on Google for Weitz & Luxenberg. I was very upset at the time; I had been going through a lot. I said some negative things that I wish I could take back. Weitz and Luxenberg have been exceptionally good to me. I appreciate what they have done, and the time they have spent with me. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. Sincerely, Julie Grainger

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