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During the 42 years that William R. Fuhrman has practiced law, he has developed extensive negotiation, trial and contested hearing experience. He and his staff deliver an unparalleled level of commitment and are dedicated to providing each client quality personal service. These are keys to carefully bringing his clients through a divorce and successfully guiding his clients’ business endeavors.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ray

    May 08 2019 Bill has knowledge on the law with all his experience. He can relate to your situation understands how to protect you. His staff is very helpful and supportive.
  • Scott R.

    Apr 08 2019 I have been working with Mr. Fuhrman over many years and many situations, he has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have and would always recommend his services.
  • Damon sundberg

    Apr 08 2019 10 years ago I reached out to Bill Fuhrman and he took the time to not only address my situation, but also educate me on how to handle things moving forward . Since then have improved as a businessman and he has been there for me throughout the growth process . Not just a great lawyer but also a good friend . Thanks again Bill !
  • Rima Khoury

    Mar 24 2019 Bill Fuhrman is a very experienced attorney who gets results. He is a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.
  • Denice Shows

    Mar 13 2019 I give William 5 stars even after I won the lawsuit he was there whenever I needed him
  • Richard Theriault

    Feb 28 2019 It has been a pleasure working with Bill. He is extremely attentive, knowledgable and sensitive to deadlines. He has been a valuable strategic partner for our business. R. Theriault CEO Diateq Labs, Inc.
  • George Giese

    Feb 22 2019 Bill provided a review of a business services contract for me. He provided the alterations I needed and turned it all around for me in short order with short notice. Always there when I call.
  • Alisa Radbel

    Feb 08 2019 Expeditious, reliable, available, great office staff.
    • William Fuhrman

      Feb 08 2019Thank you, Alisa.
  • Art Mislang

    Feb 07 2019 I am grateful for Bill’s services and staff, Bill is an outstanding attorney who is very knowledgeable, passionate, and full of integrity. He represented me in my divorce matter and couldn’t ask for a better attorney. Bill and staff are very helpful, attentive, and will go above and beyond. Made my experience pleasant and it was a blessing to have them on my side. Bill is the person you want in your corner to fight, therefore I highly recommend Bill for any legal matters.
    • William Fuhrman

      Feb 08 2019Art, Thank you for the very fine review; it is most appreciated! Bill
  • Bradley Coutin

    Jan 23 2019 Excellent, professional and positive experience. Highly recommended!!
  • Richard Falette

    Jan 23 2019 Simply put... Thank You, Bill, for your service! Very professional and with integrity!
  • Marla Trussell

    Jan 08 2019 Bill has been our family attorney for 10 years. He has represented in a number of matters; successfully defended us against a frivolous lawsuit and helped us recover our fees, revised our family trust and in another estate matter. He has also provided us with very reliable referrals for areas of law that are not his areas of expertise. He is always available, calm, pragmatic and someone we trust. I always refer friends and clients to him.
  • Lance roll

    Dec 11 2018 Bill has been My personal and Corporate attorney for several years. He is fanatical about details, extremely knowledgeable of the Law and tenacious as an attorney. I can highly recommend Bill for service, advice, strategy and getting the best result for you!
  • M

    Dec 09 2018 I was referred from my company’s to Mr. Fuhrman. He is a very honorable and great sense of humor. Mr. Fuhrman and his staff provide excellent services. I would recommend Mr. Fuhrman to anyone that needs attorney. Such pleasure to have represented me.
  • Andrew Savage

    Dec 09 2018 Over the last nine years Mr. Fuhrnan has helped me resolve a number of tricky situations. From dealing with and ultimately evicting tenants from hell, to helping me handle sensitive personal family issues, his no nonsense, highly informed approach, and exemplary professional knowledge is delivered in a reassuring and down to earth manner. He has become my 'go to' Attorney for all family law related matters!

    Dec 09 2018 He has been our family lawyer for more than a decade, we have confident and trust in his professional. I am happy to recommend William Fuhrman who is knowledgeable and professional in his application of the law. Thank you.
  • Tiffany Weis

    Dec 09 2018 Getting divorced is financially and emotionally destructive. Bill and his team were the strength and wisdom I didn’t have. They handled my case with honesty and the utmost of integrity. I send everyone I know to them and every person has been extremely happy.
  • Delco Hagan

    Nov 30 2018 Very professional as well as knowledgeable, very straight, even if I didn't like his answers. Honesty is always best.
  • Mark J. Atkinson, PhD

    Nov 25 2018 Thank you so much Bill for your assistance dealing with over 4 weeks of harassment and threats to my person and livelihood made to me by a San Diego legal "professional”. Your intervention put an immediate end to his attempts to directly contact me. I can only conclude that your kind and generous actions were very successful in stopping these unlawful activities. I have not forgotten your kindness, nor my promise of a good bottle of wine for your efforts. I don’t know what I would have done without you.
  • Brett Katz

    Nov 25 2018 Settled divorce for me in 2009. Still paying off in my benefit 10 years later.
  • Sheree Clock Cormier

    Nov 24 2018 Mr. Fuhrman came highly recommended. I had a very ugly and emotional situation of a landlord forcing me out of business by moving me from the front of the Promenade to the upstairs, no visibility. As my retail boutique was my "baby", I was extremely emotional. Mr. Fuhrman's demeanor was that of Mother Theresa to me - quiet spoken, deeply caring and fully understanding, with just a teeny bit of humor that I needed badly to pull me out of my "well of hell" feeling. He was extremely creative in ways to deal with my Landlord and VP. He knew the Laws - and extremely well. His letters representing me were "point on" - strong with a velvet hammer. Small or large business with a Landlord - I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. William Fuhrman to represent you in allowing him to do the battle for you and keep you well informed and educated on the process with any/all questions answered immediately. If there were 10 stars, that is my true rating of Mr. William Fuhrman.
  • gary niebrugge

    Nov 09 2018 A true pleasure
  • Elena Smolina

    Nov 09 2018 Bill is a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney. He is very honest, too, and will fight for you. I had the best experience with him.
  • Meera Whipple

    Nov 09 2018 Excellent lawyer, no nonsense, and humorous who will truly listen to your issues. He is very quick with responses even at the weekend if need be, most of the time. He is willing to find a peaceful solution where possible and resolve issues without running to court which I appreciate. His team is fantastic too. Michele is always on top of it! Best part, I love his sense of humor that makes me laugh especially when everything regarding divorce is dire and his cute dog! Thank you so much for your assistance. I would definitely recommend Bill to help with divorce.
  • Dinel

    Nov 09 2018 It was great working with Bill. He was really patient and gave me the best advise with keeping my interest as a high priority.
  • BP

    Oct 27 2018 i have been an attorney in san diego for over 40 years When my clients need the finest and most experienced criminal attorney i always refer them to Willian Fuhrman Of all the attorneys in san diego i trust him the most taking care of my clients
  • Alexandria Colon Wilkinson

    Oct 25 2018 I’ve know bill since I was 18 years old , I’m 29 now & he and his staff have represented me in ever obstacle I have faced in life. He is so professional and direct , he doesn’t sugar code anything and I respect that , especially coming from a lawyer! He has helped me with my nasty custody battle and I wouldn’t want any lawyer by my side through this other then him! His staff is so welcoming and helpful , they always response to me quick , if I have any questions and bill always walks me through ever step that will go on during court Proceedings. I will always refer him to people I know & I will continue to use him for as long as I need him. Thank you so much bill & staff for all you’re hard work and dedication , you guys have put towards my case.
  • CC

    Oct 25 2018 William Fuhrman is the ‘real deal’! He is super professional and was a pleasure to have him represent me.

    Oct 25 2018 My Experience was working with Bill and His staff was amazing. He was very methodical about how the team approached my divorce. The circumstances were very difficult and the other party in the my divorce was about as difficult as could be. Bill and His entire staff walked me through the entire process, step by step and fought for what was right without hesitation. I really respect that Bill and his team tried to approach this difficult situation by doing things in a respectful way but when the erroneous accusations occurred Bill and his Staff took off the gloves. For that Me and both of my children will be forever great full. I would and already have recommended them to a few friends going through very similar situations. Thank you is not enough.
  • John McDowell

    Oct 20 2018 You have helped me, I am a Substance Abuse Professional, have referred many clients to you because I believe you know Family Law better than the ones I have dealt with. Appreciate your humor when things are going rough. Thank you John McDowell ICADC, CADC II.
  • Susan Schnepf

    Oct 16 2018 Have professionally known Mr. Fuhrman for decades, and have opposed him on several cases. He is an excellent litigator and always prepared. I have found him to be a zealous advocate for his clients, but always tempered with solid ethics and integrity. He is indeed a credit to the profession, and as an added plus, has a remarkable sense of humor.
  • Mike Olson

    Oct 15 2018 Great service and appreciate his sense of humor.
  • Raymond G. Gomez, Esq.

    Oct 15 2018 I have known Bill for over 30 years. He is experienced, competent, and concerned about his clients. He provides quality legal representation.
  • S

    Oct 14 2018 He is the best person. He's not just for money. He really from heart helping people. My friend told me you could call him 24/7 He's there. There's a lot of attorneys that take your money, they don't call you they don't help you, it's very hard to find that kind of person-makes your life easy.
  • Craig Combs

    Oct 12 2018 As an attorney, Mr. Fuhrman is my first referral for family law matters.
  • kirk perusich

    Oct 11 2018 very positive he knows how to get the job done fast and correct where others have failed.. 5 stars all the way all day thanks again!
  • Carmen Cecilia Martinez

    Oct 11 2018 My lawyer Bill and his team Michelle Valat work on my divorce case and one other family case and they were my angels , even though I speak little English and they don’t speak Spanish so they had to have tons of patience with me , I don’t know what in like did good that life sent them my way to help me
  • Cv

    Oct 11 2018 I experienced a miscarriage of the justice system. When I met Mr. William R. Fuhrman, I was able to express my situation and what had happened. I remember crying and letting it all out. He never interrupted me. He took on my case. It didn't take long before he produced beneficial results. I would say that he is very personable and as he expressed to me that he lives by the golden rule. I really needed that especially in my case. I consider him the best attorney in the world. He is the best attorney in my world. Based on the way he has treated me, he gives attention to your individual needs and helps you from the heart. Not out of love of money. He has always helped me in a timely manner. Mr. Fuhrman answers your calls even after hours or he calls you back, right away. He deals with you kindly and with concern. Val and Morgan are the same, even visiting me after hours, and even when I was sick. Every day I think of them. I cry from within, because I'm just so very grateful for who they are in my life and what they have done. I have often thought about covering my car with messages of how much I love them or I LOVE MR. WILLIAM R. FUHRMAN????????And just everyone in that office is amazing!!!!! And they are dog lovers too and one doggies name is Toushe', which I feel is fitting for him in the court room. Thank you forevermore, Bill, Morgan and Val
  • Margarita Mendoza

    Oct 10 2018 The service is great and every time I have a question, it's answerd and explained to where I understand. And Mr. Fuhrmans sense of humor is great, which help ease the pain. And Michele is a great help when it comes to questions and everything else. Great staff.
  • Mark M Maestas

    Oct 10 2018 Bill was a pleasure to work with during a very difficult time for me. His sense of humor helped kept the situation as painless as possible. He has very good experience and offered great advice that in the long run worked as planned.
  • Sherry Martin

    Oct 10 2018 Bill was my rock when I couldn’t fight for myself. He gave me strength, wisdom and confidence in my divorce. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else going to battle for me than Bill!!
  • Michael Goodson

    Sep 28 2018 I was dealing with child support and child custody issues. My son lives and Canada and finding someone that would deal with Canada lawyers and laws was difficult; it had been for years. I found William while searching online. When I went to his office and explained the situation to him he immediately got on the phone. And started negotiations. He walked me through every step of the process and expected me to follow through. No time was wasted and he reassured me that everything would be fine. I have spent many years stressed over my situation but everything worked out fairly for all of us. I am forever grateful for what William did for me. He is highly recommended in my opinion!!! Thank you Bill.
  • Pertti Johansson

    Sep 26 2018 Bill and his staff were true professionals. They expertly guided me through a complex legal process all the way
  • Rhiana Glor

    Sep 25 2018 I had a great experience working with Bill Furhman. He listened to my concerns and worked with me closely every step of the way. He is a very caring lawyer, which is hard to find! He genuinely wants to help you achieve the best outcome for you. He has helped me with many business related matters. I highly recommend him.
  • Blake Isaacson

    Sep 25 2018 Bill (and Val) guided me through my divorce and subsequent related battles which were a very difficult time for me personally and financially. They were accessible when I needed them, competent in their knowledge of the law, my case and me personally and provided excellent value. As a result of my positive experience, I have referred friends whom I believe are satisfied as well. I would not hesitate to work with them again or refer them if the need arose.
  • Steven Dickson

    Sep 25 2018 Great attorney that knows the law and gets things done efficiently.
  • hg

    Sep 25 2018 Mr. Fuhrman is an educated, experienced, and kind attorney.
  • Steve

    Sep 25 2018 Mr. Fuhrman and Ms. Vallat are top notch. I can't recommend and thank them enough. I hope to never be back "in the system", but if I am, I will 100% be calling upon them to help me out. They are the reason I have appropriate time with my son now.
  • William clum

    Sep 25 2018 Always is clear,let’s you know where your at and what to expect
  • aaron betourney

    Sep 25 2018 Best thing i ever did was haired bill
  • Richard Carson

    Sep 25 2014 I am so happy that chose Bill to represent me. He handled everything without missing a beat. His staff, colleagues, contacts and entire office were amazing. A true professional. Thanks!
  • Tiffany Weis

    Sep 09 2014 One word quickly comes to mind when I think of Mr. Fuhrman….integrity. He is an honest, hard-working, knowledgable and well-respected man. Going through a divorce is a very painful process and by having the support of him and his staff, I never lost hope. Unlike most attorneys, Bill is quick to return e-mails and phone calls. As busy as this man is, I never felt unimportant. My divorce was ugly and messy but with Bill's direction it was completed in an efficient and timely manner. I have referred more than half a dozen people to Bill in just a two year span and he has never not lived up to or exceeded their expectations. What I came away believing after working with Bill and his associate attorney, Michele Vallat (who is beyond incredible) is justice does prevail.
  • Willie Bailey

    Jul 31 2014 Mr. Fuhrman is a professional beyond reproach! He has helped my family for years now and I have no hesitation in recommending him to family, friends, and clients.
  • Arthur Young

    Mar 21 2014 I just want to express my heart-felt appreciation for all your help during my case. All went smoothly during and after the trial as Mr. Fuhrman and your staff planned. I will be recommending Mr. Fuhrman and the staff to everyone I know.
  • Freddie Wilson

    Feb 12 2014 “Honest and Straightforward” - William Robert Fuhrman’s Client Review I've interacted with Mr. Fuhrman in the past and I thought he was pretty good at the time considering I really didn't know what to expect. I recently contacted him again when a dismissed case came back. Without hesitation Mr. Fuhrman recalled me and my previous situation. I asked if he could help me again? His response had two answers: 1) Yes and 2) This what I've done already to resolve this issue.... Any lawyer can say I can handle that... Mr. Fuhrman did more than just say it...he showed it. If you're looking for a firm that honestly is looking out for your interests - contact Mr. Fuhrman right now! You will not be disappointed.
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