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Highly experienced in all manner of civil litigation particularly, but not limited to, those involving vehicular/trucking accidents; premises liability; wrongful termination of employment; construction defect; product liability; uninsured and underinsured insurance claims; insurance coverage desputes; “bad faith” insurance claims; breach of contract; tort claims involving municipalities, county and state entities and their agencies; all manner of negligence based litigation arising from personal injury, wrongful death, property damage and economic loss.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Jeff Bauer

    Aug 30 2018 I had never mediated with Mr. Greenwood so was not sure what to expect. He surpassed all of my expectations on a VERY difficult three party mediation. Several times I thought the mediation was over, but Bill continued to calmly work the sides, and ended up resolving the case. I would HIGHLY recommend Bill for any mediation as he was exceptional in this case.
  • Jacob Rowe

    Aug 24 2018 Mr. Greenwood is an excellent mediator.
  • Deeann Fox

    Jul 25 2018 Bill Greenwood is a fantastic mediator! Very thorough and diligent.
  • Todd Ward

    Jul 11 2018 Very good experience.
  • Justin Williams

    Jun 12 2018 Bill was the driving force in a settlement which was reached nearly two weeks after mediation had concluded with all sides still far apart. He saw an opportunity for a favorable resolution and persisted in working towards it until the deal was done. I am happy to recommend his services for others in need of such effort and commitment in their case.
  • Bruce V. Winston

    May 04 2018 I have had mediations with Bill Greenwood spanning a scope from a large damage fire loss claim, wrongful death, to minor personal injury. In each mediation Bill has been fully prepared and has facilitated the parties in arriving at a settlement. He listens to the issues and when requested offers his insight as to how a particular issue strikes him and what he believes its impact would be on a jury.
  • Michael Blue

    May 04 2018 Bill Greenwood was well-prepared, attentive and engaged throughout the mediation process. He was kind and sympathetic to my client and made sure the client understood the entire process. Because his legal background is in insurance defense, I believe his ability to "insurance-speak" was persuasive to the adjuster. I would have no hesitation to use Bill in the future.
  • Rick L. Denker

    May 04 2018 I was an attorney involved in mediation conducted by Bill Greenwood. He was professional, knowledgeable and a great asset in getting the case resolved.
  • Jerry Green

    May 04 2018 Bill took on a matter with multiple obstacles to settlement and managed challenging counsel in reaching a settlement.
  • Jeff Hoffman

    Mar 22 2018 Bill did a great job getting a difficult case with lots of parties and coverage issues settled. He worked with all of the parties to diligently explore various mechanisms that ultimately allowed everyone to get to "yes" which is the mark of a truly excellent mediator.
  • Thomas Kendrick

    Jan 24 2018 Bill has mediated numerous cases to resolution for my clients throughout the years. He is an excellent mediator and a true professional.
  • Julie Corley

    Dec 27 2017 The mediation went fine. We ended up getting it settled a few days later.
  • Chris Condren

    Dec 26 2017 Bill did a really fine job in mediating our case. His experience of being a litigator gives him credibility with all sides. I would certainly use him again.
  • Sue DeVilliers

    Dec 26 2017 Bill did a very good job on helping our company set-up an exit plan as well as working on some HR issues. I highly recommend him for any arbitration needs you may have.
  • Jeff Beeler

    Nov 27 2017 Very good
  • Derek Burch

    Nov 26 2017 Bill’s many years of trial and litigation experience is invaluable to the mediation process. He is one of my top choices in every mediation. Excellent mediator!
  • Ryan L. Dean

    Oct 26 2017 Bill is an excellent mediator. Very personable and works hard to get the case settled.
  • Thomas Paruolo

    Oct 26 2017 Bill is a hard working mediator that refuses to give up on a resolution. He will continue to work the case towards resolution even following the scheduled mediation. No case is too big or too small for him. He brings his trial lawyer experience and common sense to every mediation.
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