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Landlord/Tenant, Social Security Disability
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    - Jul 14 2023 William picked up the phone and immediately showed me that he was the attorney that I needed to represent me for my case.
  • Courtney

    - Aug 24 2022 When new owners and management took over my building they tried to tell me I had to move out. Bill Leavitt was so helpful and efficient in resolving the issue.
  • Richard Mauro

    - Aug 10 2022 My experience with William Leavitt has been great. He has a masterful knowledge of the law and the court system and is a passionate tenant advocate. He is deeply involved in his cases and has a network of associates upon whom he can call for additional strategies. I unequivocally recommend William Leavitt if you are in dispute with a landlord.
  • Jack Tar

    - Apr 22 2022 Very good and precise.
  • Laura

    - Nov 13 2020 I found Mr. Leavitt through the Met Council website and was very happy with the expertise and guidance he provided regarding an issue with my rent-stabilized apartment. He lays information out in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Ediris Manfredy

    - Nov 13 2020 Thank you very much for everything you did for me in all these years.
  • Page Hamilton

    - Sep 01 2020 Bill has managed keep me in my east village apartment for almost 20 years; after an illegal eviction we had to go to court. Bill is experienced, knowledgeable, calm and came to court so prepared that the judge took one look at our case and immediately gave me my place back. A+, 10 stars, I highly recommend him!
  • Stefano Di Cicco

    - Aug 31 2020 William is following my difficult case with efficiency and enthusiasm. His professionalism is really reassuring and thanks to him my case has already taken a positive path. Throughout this period, William did not look too much at his fee and he was always ready to help and guide me towards the best choice. I recommend WIlliam Leavitt E. warmly and enthusiastically.
  • Maysa Khedr

    Jun 30 2020 Mr. Leavitt is a lifesaver. He is thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. He was indispensable in resolving a landlord-tenant issue and helped my friend and I avoid a legal nightmare / court battle with an unscrupulous and difficult landlord. He listened to and addressed all of my concerns and questions expeditiously. I cannot thank and recommend him enough.
  • Donna Berg

    Dec 20 2019 Smartest lawyer ever!
  • charles platt

    Dec 11 2019 Mr.. Leavitt was always easily available, was knowledgable, replied promptly to emails, and gave us good advice. The fee was affordable, and we're happy that we found him.
  • Christine P

    Oct 30 2019 Mr. Leavitt is extremely knowledgable, works incredibly hard, and has a very long history of fighting for tenants' rights (he's even made the news for his successful advocacy). I regularly recommend him to friends and family.

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