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I have experienced a criminal case from all three perspectives: a prosecutor, a judge and a defense attorney. I know how the prosecutor is likely to argue and how the judge is likely to view your case. That comprehensive perspective on your case is what makes me uniquely qualified to give you a rigorous defense.

I have a passion for criminal law. This dedication to my craft has brought me a great deal of success. We are not just talking about certificates on a wall; we are talking about the skills needed to preserve your liberty when it is threatened by the government. Whether you face charges of vehicular homicide or a white collar crime, I am fully prepared to help you.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Peggy L. Clemons

    Mar 15 2018 Each appointment or encounter I have had with Mr. Todd has been exceptionally profession, extremely efficient and overall superb in both character and excellence in his craft as an outstanding attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone that would be in need of legal service. His knowledge of the law and many years of experience has served our community well.
    • William Todd

      Mar 15 2018Thanks to you, Peggy, for your positive review of my legal services. It has been a pleasure serving you in the past and present. You have such a positive attitude and wonderful personality. It means so much for someone of your experience and stature in life to value the job I do for you!
  • David Ulfik

    Feb 23 2018 Mr. Todd represented me in a case against an unprofessional dry cleaning firm that lost my property valued at almost $1000. He tried to save me money by having me to file in small claims court but I decided to retain him due to his ethical nature. When they located my property he said he didn't put that much time into my case and refunded me $250. Yikes! I found an honest lawyer. When I invited him to lunch he said Grace over the meal and asked God to bless me, my family and even my bulldog.
  • Eddie Denhardt

    Jan 31 2017 Mr. Todd is a true expert in his field!!! I highly recommend his services!! I have used Judge Todd several times in my divorce and child custody matters. I prevailed every time! I have recommended him to numerous friends and they have been very pleased with his expertise as well! With over thirty years of experience he is one of the most prominent attorneys in the Metro-Atlanta area!
  • Jefferson Riley

    Jan 31 2017 I have contracted with Judge Todd as an Attorney several times since he retired from being a Judge. He has done an exceptional job every time. I have also referred several of my friends to him and they were pleased as well. He is well versed on a variety of law matters from being a State Court Judge for 12 years and prior to that an ADA for 12 years.
  • Kristi Miller

    Jan 23 2017 Mr. Todd is a great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and experienced! I highly recommend him if you are in need.
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