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We can help you wade the waters of dispute and divorce. At Wisepath, we have successfully assisted many people achieve resolution to the difficult circumstances you face. We help with disputes ranging from civil matters to divorce.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Rob Stewart

    Jan 02 2019 I trained with Mark as we both became certified co-active coaches. That involved being coached by Mark and witnessing him coach others. He brings great depth and variety to his coaching, blending his other professional qualifications and skills to allow clients to find their own wise path. I love his totally disarming questions and the space he can create for personal discovery. I highly recommend Mark.
  • RC

    Dec 31 2018 Fantastic advice from an incredible Christian who has changed my life for the better and brought me closer to God
  • Robert H

    Dec 30 2018 Mark is a caring and Godly man. He gently meets you where you are in order to coax your path forward in a Christ-centered way
  • Chase Campbell

    Dec 30 2018 Mark is above and beyond at life coaching and helping someone navigate through their life’s struggles. He is professional, sympathetic and more helpful than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend sessions with Mark and will continue to see him for as long as I can.
  • Shawn Koch

    Dec 10 2018 Mark has made a huge impact of my personal and professional development. He is great mentor and friend.
  • Angie Ruddock

    Nov 30 2018 Mark is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve relationships with others
  • Will

    Nov 30 2018 A man of God with a heart of gold. He seeks to understand and is extremely knowledgeable about relationships, human nature and most importantly the Word of God. He has often held hope for me when I did not have any for myself.
  • M R

    Nov 30 2018 Mark made our divorce situation smooth. I am thankful for being introduced to him for an alternative solution rather than going down an expensive ugly divorce. We made 100% of the decisions NOT a money hungry lawyer.
  • Blake Watermeier

    Nov 02 2018 My wife and I met with Mark Danzey several times for pre-marriage counseling. It was a wonderful experience. Mark brings a tremendous amount of wisdom from both his professional training and his personal experiences. We value Mark's guidance so much that even though we have the best marriage we could hope for, we meet with Mark every six months just to touch base and continue to gather wisdom from him. There are not a lot of people who seek counseling before there is a problem, and maybe not a ton of counselors that would add value in this area. However, we find Mark's guidance extremely helpful in keeping our marriage on solid ground even if there are no issues. I can't say enough about Mark Danzey as a personal and a relationship coach. My wife and I consider ourselves extremely lucky to have him in our lives as a resource in so many ways!
  • MM

    Oct 31 2018 Mark was very knowledgeable and well trained. Both his compassion and expertise result in a positive experience. I would definitely recommend him again.
  • Karen Reid

    Oct 20 2018 Mark provides thoughtful, sage wisdom and really cares... We are so blessed to have his guidance in our marriage and our lives.
  • Shannon Davis

    Oct 06 2018 Mark has been so effectively helpful in the following ways: Offers hope and encouragement; reveals how the Bible has answers to our human struggles; "breaks down" options available to properly deal with issues. Mark is an excellent "Life Coach"/Counsellor who has enriched my recovery!
  • Lori Womble

    Oct 02 2018 Mark helped my ex-husband and I through the Mediation process in our divorce.
  • Ted Casey

    Oct 01 2018 Mark was very helpful in negotiating a fair agreement. He kept us focused on the goal and quickly got us out of the potholes along the way. Highly recommended!
  • David

    Oct 01 2018 Mark is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly wise. Strongly recommend him for counseling for any life situation.
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