Zachary C. Holbrook, Attorney at Law

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4590 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT 84403
Criminal, Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Michele Thompson

    Dec 08 2017 Great!
  • M Hollen

    Nov 30 2017 Three years ago Zackhary Holbrook helped me get 50% custody of my kids. I am truly satisfied with my life today because of his efforts & commitment. He was quick with replies and call backs. Very uplifting and understanding. I would no doubt go back to zackhary in the future if i ever needed the service of a lawyer. I would truly recommend him to anyone in need.
  • Morgan Myers

    Nov 29 2017 Mr. Holbrook was able to get everything figured out for me when I was totally confused. He helped me feel comfortable and got everything done.
  • Km

    Nov 08 2017 It was wonderful he took really good care of what I needed, he always kept me in the loop of things great lawyer thank you
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Oct 28 2017 Zachary is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Steve Soto

    Sep 30 2017 Last April I was arrested for a DUI in Salt Lake City Utah. I hired Zach to represent me because I felt that the charges against me were not worthy of me being convicted of the crime I was facing. Zach heard my story and he became very interested in my case believing he would be able to represent me and we would have a very good chance of receiving a not guilty verdict. I was a little hesitate at first to go to trial but Zach was so positive we were going to get a not guilty verdict that I decided to take a chance and see this case all the way to the end. Trial was very intimidating but Zach was so calm that the Intimidation turned into confidence. Zach had studied the case so effectively that when he was up representing me the whole court room could see his confidence and see how well he was prepared and the whole thing just flowed so smoothly. Zach's knowledge of the law was so impressive and the court room seemed to turn in our favor very quickly. Zach argued specific points that were to the point and very effective. Zach was calm and cool the whole time and treated all the witnesses with respect but was also very stern and demanded the respect of the courtroom. Zach was so dominant that we won our case and there was no question that the charges against me were garbage. If I ever need to be represented or if I know anyone that needs representation I would not hesitate to call Zach.
  • Angela Medeiros

    Aug 31 2017 Zach is Awesome!! My ex filed to have his child support lowered and Zach got the case dismissed. He always made me feel comfortable and calm, and that everything was going to be okay. Zach has your back and will work hard for you. I highly recommend Zach to everyone. I am very happy with my experience and I will definitely call him if I ever need an attorney in the future.
  • Michelle Tait

    Aug 31 2017 Zach is well-prepared and so helpful! He is available through email, texts or phone calls almost immediately and always keeps us well informed. We hired Zach to help us with a few problems we were having with a neighbor. Nothing we did seemed to please our neighbor and we were facing legal action and didn't know where to turn. Zach stepped in and gave us an understanding of what we needed to do and at the same time, gave a lot of thought and energy into understanding what our problem was. He even went on field trips to familiarize himself with the location in question. Zach made phone calls updating us every step of the way. He wrote letters and made appearances at hearings for us and always kept us informed. He was able to settle our problem for us and we felt like we gained a friend in the process. We have continued to use his services when needed. We recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer they can trust.
  • Becky Delawder

    Aug 28 2017 Zach is a very professional, easily accessible attorney!
  • Brady Rae

    Aug 23 2017 Zachary Holbrook helped me with my bankruptcy. Before I started the process I knew nothing about bankruptcy or how to file. Zachary told me everything I needed to know about filing and really helped me to understand what the process required. In my case it took some time before I was able to file and Zachary was extremely patient with me during that time. He was always available to answer any questions I had and checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. When the time came to file he got me in quickly and really walked me through each step of the process so that I understood what was going on. From the date of filing until the court date he would contact me regularly to provide me with updates and help me prepare for court. On my court date he contacted me to make sure I knew where I was going and has even contacted me since to check in with me. Zachary was extremely helpful, patient, and kind to me during this process and I'm grateful to have worked with him!
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