How It Works

Why do I need to have online testimonials or online reviews?

More than ever, customers are looking for solid information they can trust to help them make decisions before spending their hard-earned money. Online testimonials make an impact and are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to consumer decision making. Having online testimonials or online reviews for your company is not just a smart option for your business – it is a necessity.

What benefits do I get from this?

You benefit from using our Testimonial Program by growing your business and improving your company’s reputation. It is a modest investment with a huge return. Most businesses see immediate results when they implement a customer review program. Suddenly, they are reaching markets they never reached before and receiving inquiries from potential customer that might have never known their business even existed.

Do I have to ask for feedback and use it as testimonial?

Not necessarily. It helps to ask for feedback and put a system in place, but if you have not done so yet and a customer says something great about your company, you can use it as feedback. You just need permission to post it online or print it in other marketing materials. Feedback about your company does not need to be formal to be useful to you – any time someone compliments your business ask if you can share that compliment with others.

Would this help boost my search engine results?

Absolutely. Any information online about your company boosts SEO. This is especially true when that information is found on credible, highly traveled sites, such as online review sites. One of the best ways to improve your search engine results is to make sure you have a solid presence on review sites.

What is the best way to get online reviews?

The best way to get online reviews is to ask for them. Invite customers to share their experiences with you and then put those experiences to good use. It is a good idea to have a system in place that helps you ask for reviews, organize them, and incorporate them into your marketing plan.

Where do I post my testimonials or online reviews?

You can post your online reviews on your website, but there are several other sites that are also effective for catching the attention of consumers and improving your presence online. We like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Avvo, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Why do I need to have a professional or business email address to send out a feedback request?

If you plan to solicit reviews, it is essential you have a professional or business email address associated directly with your business. So, instead of or, it would be

It looks professional and builds trust. It also increases the likelihood your email will not be sorted into a spam folder or ignored by the recipient.

And because of the DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance policy now in use by prominent email providers, your email stands a better chance of being delivered in the first place if you have a professional or business address.

What if I do not own a website and cannot create a professional business address?

No need to worry! If you lack a website and you are unable to create your own email address, we can help. We will create an address for you to ensure your intended recipient receives your email request.